Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ameesha Patel to Play Sex Worker

Ameesha Patel to Play Sex Worker

Seven years back, Kareena Kapoor vented out her displeasure about Ameesha Patel’s unceremonious comments about her in a film glossy. “Ameesha called me a prostitute in print,” the Chameli actor had said.

The old sparring match was apparently sparked off with Ameesha claiming that she was offered Chameli but didn’t take up the part as she didn’t like the character, and further stating that Bebo did it because that’s what her character is — a prostitute.

But now, Ameesha is set to portray a high-profile hooker in her first home production, directed by David Dhawan. The Gadar actor feels she’ll bring on screen a “very different, international and funky kind of prostitute.”

She says: “You will see me in a completely new avatar. Since I don’t play an Indian prostitute, it’s not set in Kamathipura or any such place.” The project will be shot in Prague and Paris.

“In places like Prague, Paris and Amsterdam, prostitution is an acceptable profession. They even pay taxes to the government. They are really good-looking, classy and well-dressed women. And also, they are not looked down upon, as is the case in India,” she says.

The film goes on floors in a month’s time. “We will start after Davidji (Dhawan) finishes Chashme Buddor.

He has come up with a super script,” says Ameesha, adding she has watched a couple of very old films for her film.

“But I want to do it in my own way. Davidji has an amazing vision. I want people to follow the trend we set instead of us following someone else’s trend,” says the actor, who came up with a sultry performance with her hit item numbers act at the recently-concluded Apsara Awards.

“I had a very elegant dance number Lazy Lamhe in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic but I haven’t done a ‘massy’ kind of performance. Be it viewers or producers, they have always seen me in a very elegant and sophisticated parts. Some also feel that Ameesha is a baby doll. I wanted to break the image and do something different,” she says.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I have Become a Nun: Mallika Sherawat

I have Become a Nun: Mallika Sherawat

When I tell her, "Welcome back!" she says, "But I never left!" Mallika Sherawat is in India shooting two films - Sudhir Mishra's Lucky Unlucky and Amit Chandrra's Kismat Love Paisa Dilli with Vivek Oberoi - but says she feels most at home in Los Angeles. "There are lots of suitors, you make the right friendships and they don't judge you there. People don't perceive you with preconceived notions. In India, I feel trapped in my image. People think you are the same way you are on screen. Thankfully, the films I'm doing now will break that myth."

How did you break into Hollywood? Honestly, it was tougher in Bollywood! There's no nepotism in Hollywood, so I found it much easier. They welcomed me and showed me so much love. For me, it was always about being independent, because here women don't get too many opportunities. When I met President Barack Obama some time ago, he said, "America salutes the spirit of independence, that's what America is built on, and now you have done it and we are proud of you." Those words will be with me till my dying day. I really had nothing to lose by going there. I don't doubt myself. Even when I ran away from home and came to Mumbai, who would have thought I'd be there someday? You got to have passion and faith. You live only once!

Are you worried about getting typecast as the stereotypical Indian girl there? Not anymore. I did feel that in the past, because there was a time when Spanish-speaking people were cast as maids, African Americans were portrayed as gangsters, and all terrorists were Middle Eastern people. But now I think they are writing good parts for ethnic people. I think with Slumdog Millionaire and Freida Pinto doing so well, things are changing. Experimenting with different genres is really exciting. I think young directors are braver than actors there and here. They have the courage to cast me in these characters.

How do you react to those who believe your career is over? n My obituary has been written SO many times that it really doesn't bother me now. I think women are still treated in a regressive fashion, so for me, where I started and where I am today has been a fun rollercoaster ride.

Is there any bad blood with the Bhatts? I have no issues with them. If I get a good script from them I will do it. They gave me one of my biggest hits Murder and I loved working with them. Mahesh Bhatt keeps texting me. In fact, when I met Obama, he was the only person from the industry who called me and said, "Aaj toh yahan maatam chaya hoga!"

Emraan was recently quoted saying kissing Mallika wasn't really fun. Your reaction? That's his opinion. I had more fun kissing the snake in Hisss. For me, the snake was the best kisser... my best lover ever!

Are you dating anyone? I have become a nun! If there was someone I was seeing or interested in, then I would definitely talk about it. There are some interesting men who've asked me out, but everytime I think of concentrating on love, some project comes along. It's true but I'm busy making a career. You have to give your 100 per cent here; either you do this or you have a love life. Right now, more than a man it's the scripts that are exciting me.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Vivek Oberoi Rubs Sanjay Gupta the Wrong Way

Vivek Oberoi Rubs Sanjay Gupta the Wrong Way

Actor Vivek Oberoi has peeved off director Sanjay Gupta so much that Gupta isn't interested in waiting for Vivek anymore and has ousted him from the project 'Shootout at Wadala'.

It can be remembered that Vivek Oberoi was very keen to play the role of Dawood in the film. However, there were rumours that actor Sanjay Dutt advised hm strongly against it. Ever since Vivek has been avoiding Gupta like the plague.

Having waited for him long enough, Sanjay Gupta has now decided to cast someone else in his movie. And Vivek hmeslf has allotted dates to another project being helmed by Bejoy Nambiar.

According to a source, Vivek couldn't afford yet another enemy in the form of Sanjay Dutt in the film industry. Vivek had already born the repercussions of Salman Khan's ire, and that's the only reason he chose to stay away from Gupta. Gupta, on the other hand, is confident that this move is only going to be Oberoi's loss.

Let's weigh what the decision has cost him once the movie releases.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sanjay Dutt to Move Out of Family Home

Sanjay Dutt to Move Out of Family Home

His brand new apartment will occupy three floors and house a private theatre. Sanjay Dutt is moving out of the home he was brought up in. The actor lived in his parents Nargis and Sunil Dutt's bungalow, called Ajanta, until it was broken down and rebuilt as a highrise named Imperial Heights some years ago. While he occupies the top two floors of the building, his sisters Namrata and Priya live on the floors below with their families.

Now, the actor is planning to move out of his family home and into a brand new three-floor apartment, also in Bandra. Sanju and wife Maanayata have been looking for a bigger house post the arrival of their twins Shahran and Iqra. The new apartment - which is still under construction - is in the same vicinity as Shah Rukh Khan's bungalow, Mannat. The building will have only nine apartments, and each will occupy three floors. It will be ready by 2015.

Needless to say, Maanayata is thrilled with the new acquisition and has been telling friends that she plans to have a 20-seater theatre in the house. She is already chalking out plans for the interiors and is in talks with some well-known names to do up their new home.

While the topmost floor will host the couple's bedroom along with those of their twins, one floor will house Dutt's gym and a swimming pool. The final floor will be a living and dining room with guest rooms. The actor has no plans of selling his Imerial Heights apartment or giving it on rent as it holds great sentimental value for him.

Priyanka Chopra wants to do an Item Song

Priyanka Chopra wants to do an Item Song

She claims to be unaffected by Munnis, Sheilas, Razias and Chikni Chamelis, but looks like the 'item' frenzy is getting to Priyanka.

Every other actress in her league has a rocking song to her name and is boasting about it at events and award shows. When zoOm asked Priyanka about the absence of an item song on her resume, she laughed it off saying, "Well, I did Desi Girl but it was in my own film. I don't think songs in your own film should count as item songs" (Ouch, there goes Sheila's credit).

Recently, zoOm's sources learnt that Piggy Chops wanted a song to her name and convinced Kunal Kohli to add a special number to Teri Meri Kahaani Hai. Given that this one is also in her film, we don't think she'll call it an 'item song'. But for what it's worth, we wanna see this Desi Girl show her jalwa again!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Kareena Kapoor is Technically Challenged

Kareena Kapoor is Technically Challenged

Even though she is endorsing a leading laptop brand, Kareena Kapoor is quite helpless when it comes to operating one.

Sources reveal that Bebo is technically challenged when it comes to things like sending emails or surfing the web. In fact during the shoot of their film Ek mein Aur Ekk Tu it was Imran Khan who would coach her on everything related to computers!

I worked at a Petrol Pump: Mugdha Godse

I worked at a Petrol Pump: Mugdha Godse

Mugdha Godse had quite an adventurous college life, doing odd jobs for pocket money.

I went to the MMCC in Pune, where I studied commerce. I remember, when I entered college, I wanted to do every thing at one go - study, party and have boys friends. I had a handful of friends who were my partners in crime for fun and work.

My friends and I worked for some extra money so that we could be more indulgent.

I did odd jobs like selling oil or doing a survey at petrol pumps. We'd make ' 100 a day. Coming from a middle class family, I had a nominal pocket money - ' 300 a month. The extra money was used to take care of our so called 'lavish fun'. While movies occupied most of our free time, we also enjoyed lunching outside, and sometimes even having beer in the afternoon!

Afternoon discos, and hanging out at Vaishali, a famous place on Pune's FC Road was another passtime. Sometimes we'd get hold of studious kids to gain entry into the british library, where we'd chill for hours.

There is loads of lukhagiri to talk about. Mass-bunking and going for coffee instead. Another pastime was puncturing bikes and car tyres.

However, there was one class I never bunked. I loved attending the Economics lecture. No one bunked her lecture, especially the boys, as she was very beautiful. I was quite in awe of her.

Among all the masti, I also remember I moment of pride. During my standard 11 exams, I was given a class 12 English paper by mistake, which I ended up solving! Being an 'outstanding' student that I was (pun intended), I didn't know my syllabus so didn't guess it wasn't meant for me. I was in a hurry to catch a film, so took to solving it right away. And though I found it to be difficult, I assumed it was because I hadn't studied. After the exam, when my friends and I started discussing the paper, to my horror I realised that I solved the wrong paper for my final exam. I met the principle and thankfully the issue was resolved.

Quick Five
1. Fav canteen snack - Vada pav
2. Fav subject - Economics
3. My crush - A new one every day
4. Topmost 'outstanding' activity - Puncturing tyres
5. Hangout budget - Rs 10 every day

Sunday, 8 January 2012

I'm Very Apolitical: Raveena Tandon

I'm Very Apolitical: Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon was recently seen at an event hosted by senior Samajwadi Party leader Mohnish Halder and her presence sparked rumours that she is planning to enter politics. However, the actress says she has no such intentions.

The event was an annual function of NGO Samantawadi Mahila Vikas Foundation.

"To set the record straight, not campaigned for a party, i am very apolitical. (I) was invited by a women's organization to honour and give out certificates to their women achievers, whom the organisation had trained for employment. Didn't see any political boards," the 37-year-old tweeted.

Monday, 2 January 2012

No Jhalak for Madhuri Dixit?

No Jhalak for Madhuri Dixit?

The show might have worked wonders for her 'comeback' to limelight, but Madhuri Dixit might have to bid goodbye to her role of a celebrity judge on the dance reality series.

Having signed on as the brand ambassador of a newly launched competitor entertainment channel has posed a problem for Mads' contract with the dance reality show.

According to a source close to the new channel, "The next season of the dance reality show, Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa will begin post IPL. However, the channel is now in two minds about Madhuri's participation in the show."

In fact, the channel even held a meeting to decide whether to carry on with Mads or rope in a new celebrity judge for the next season of the show. "Madhuri has signed on as the brand ambassador of a competitive channel. This is a cause of concern for the broadcasters," added our source. Interestingly, the new channel doesn't have a problem in letting go of their brand ambassador to judge a reality show in a competitor channel.

A source close to the actress informed Mirror that the Jhalak broadcasters had even discussed the possibility of continuing the next season of the show with the actress some time last week.

However, the Senior Vice-President & Head of Marketing of the channel, Danish Khan, chose not to reply to our text messages and calls.

I know My Limits: Anushka Sharma

I know My Limits: Anushka Sharma
Actor Anushka Sharma on her thinspired' avatar and why she won't settle for anyone who doesn't match her wavelength.

She's got it all sorted out - her love for fashion that extends into her career, her camaraderie with co-stars and admits she's is not apologetic about anything. Anushka Sharma has been to Ahmedabad many times before, but feels that the promotional trips are so quick that she never has any opportunity to explore any city. She discusses all this and more in an interview with TOI. Excerpts from an interview:

Are you enjoying being 'single, fancy free and footloose' in the real sense of the word? One often hears about your outings with co-stars. Of course! Why should I be apologetic about the fact that I am comfortable enjoying the company of both the sexes and if my comfort factor with my male co-stars is so evident then so be it! I have a great professional rapport with my co-stars and if we are seen enjoying each other's company at parties or an occasional dinner, I don't think anyone should mind it? I am not deliberately trying to be single, nor would I like to give statements that I have no time for love because I have a lot of work on my hands. It's true, I am not dating anyone right now. But that does not mean I don't want to date or be in a relationship. I conduct myself with dignity and I know my limits. I will date and be in a relationship with a person only when he matches my wavelength. And there is no one now to match that!

Are you following the size zero trend? I have been like this only. This size zero thing is a big myth because the size is actually meant for babies. How will I fit into babies' clothes? On a serious note, I work for 17-18 hours everyday and sleep for very few hours so do you really feel I can survive being so thin? If I were not fit I would have been hospitalised. I work out everyday and eat consciously. I am just right!

You must be feeling lucky that you have been offered substantial roles in films, unlike many big actresses who don't get to do much in their films? I got offered tons of trivial roles after Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. But I had decided if I was going to act, it would have to be roles that had some meaning. I also don't come from a filmi background so I was not sure if I would be offered great scripts. When Maneesh (Sharma) offered me a role in Band Baaja Baraat I realised that, it was that kind of 'cinema' that I wanted to do.

One also hears of you throwing tantrums on the sets, not getting along well with your directors and posing yourself as the new 'big' thing in Bollywood. Comment. Tell me one director who will go on record to say that I don't get along with them? I get along famously with all my directors because I am what I am today because of them. People might gossip about this, but show me one director/co-star who will go on record and say this about me! I have made a choice to be selective about my work. I really admire Kareena (Kapoor) for the way she has conducted herself in Bollywood - the kind of films she has chosen. I am competing with so many heroines today and there is cut-throat competition, so how can you afford to be like that?

Who do you consider your competition? Every actress today is competition for me. I will not make a statement like 'I am competing with myself and need to make myself better' etc because everyone here is dying to get the best roles that will push her career further. So, all the actresses are my competition.

The list of all the actresses includes Katrina Kaif? Of course. Katrina (Kaif) is a beautiful face and she has a great body of work behind her. You can never argue with that. And she has tremendously grown as an actor. We all know that a beautiful face is an important aspect of an actor's personality if he or she wants to make it big in Bollywood.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Kareena Kapoor turns Director

Kareena Kapoor turns Director

For Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, director Shakun Batra was to shoot an entire sequence with Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan being drunk on the streets of Las Vegas. The scene required them to act crazy, interact with strangers, slip on escalators and behave drunk on the sly.

Since Imran was very unsure about the task, Bebo took charge getting behind the camera calling the shots. With so much involvement We are sure she will ask Shakun for an associate editor credit.