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404 (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

404 (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast and Crew :

Starring : Imaad Shah, Nishikant Kamath, Rajvvir Aroraa, Satish Kaushik, Tisca Chopra, Mukesh Bhatt
Directed by : Prawaal Raman
Produced by : Nameeta Nair
Music by : Imaad Shah
Editing by : Sarvesh Parab
Banner : Imagik Media Private Ltd.

When one talks about horror film, one conjures up an image of creaking doors, ear-splitting screams and terrified teenagers running away from evil spirits. In Prawaal Raman’s ‘404’, you won’t find any such trappings and yet, you find yourself struck by the muted terror of this psychological thriller.

Starring Rajwir Aroraa, Imaad Shah, Satish Kaushik, Tisca Chopra and Nishikanth Kamath, ‘404’ opens with the life of a medical school fresher Abhimanyu (Rajwir Aroraa), who becomes a victim of ragging. One fine day, his senior Chris (Imaad Shah) asks him to research about a student who committed suicide in the hostel. From here onwards starts a mind freezing journey which shakes you to the marrow - Abhimanyu stars communicating with the dead. With things getting difficult to handle, the resident psychiatrist (Nishikant Kamath) tries to uphold the rational approach. Will he be successful in his endeavour?

‘404’ is no ordinary horror film as it is full of realism. It is an intelligent film and not gimmickry in the name of supernatural thriller. The characters and setting are truly lifelike and real. Rajwir and Imaad are brilliant and so is Nishikant Kamath, whose portrayal of an in-house psychologist adds a lot of depth and conviction. There is a constant danger lurking around, which adds new twists and turns to the film. The screenplay is taut and compelling, which keeps the audience glued to the seats till the very end. Kudos to Savita Singh’s for breathtaking cinematography and Sarvesh Parab’s tight editing.

‘404' is the flight of mind and its power to see beyond the ephemeral world, an unfamiliar after life and a life changing experience.

Do watch out ‘404’!

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