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Sattapadi Kutram (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Sattapadi Kutram (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Cast and Crew :

Starring : Sathyaraj, Vikranth, Harish Kalyan, Seeman, Muktha (Bhanu), Komal Sharma, A. Venkatesh, Suresh, Livingston, Radha Ravi
Directed by : S. A. Chandrasekhar
Screenplay by : S. A. Chandrasekhar
Written by : S. A. Chandrasekhar
Singers : Vijay Antony, Sasirekha
Lyricist : S. A. Chandrasekhar, Vijay Antony, Vaali
Music by : Vijay Antony
Cinematography : Anjaneyalu

A name to reckon with in movies criticising the legal system, S A Chandrasekar took a break after his son (Vijay) entered the field and concentrated on films with romantic themes (Muthamidalama, Nenjirukkum Varai etc).

After a big break, the director is back to do what he knows the best- a movie coming down heavily on the corrupt system. From greedy politicians to corrupt officials to fake godmen, there is no escape for anyone from SAC, including the audience.

For the movie with its many loopholes tests our patience to a great extent. A script which hardly has any logic and scenes that fail to convince, Sattapadi Kuttram lives up to the title very well.

Chandrabose (Sathyaraj), a police officer-turned-revolutionary leader, runs a parallel government from the forest and ensures that youngsters join his movement with a sole aim to clean the corrupt system.

One fine day, he kidnaps judges, journalists, bureaucrats and police officials and preaches them the need to bring change in the society. They get convinced (but we are not) and follow the instructions of Chandrabose.

The entire country witnesses a sea change. There are no rowdies, corrupt politicians and poor people. All because of one man- Chandrabose. After ensuring that all is well in Tamilnadu, Chandrabose, along with his team, starts his journey to some other place.

Sathyaraj, though fit well to the role, fails to creat any big impact. Vikranth, Bhanu, Harish Raghavendra, Komal Sharma, Livingston, yesteryear chocolate boy Suresh and A Venkatesh are also there.

Vijay Antony’s music is average while Anjaneyalu’s cinematography is okay. If at all there is something that really needs to be commended in this film, it is Prabhakar’s dialogues. Otherwise, watching Sattapadi Kuttram is like listening to a street corner political meeting.

Vertict : Sattapadi Kuttram – Punishment

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