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Sports was never so Tweet

Sports was never so Tweet

Twitter was abuzz after the weekend conclusion to IPL and Champions League finals 2011. With things getting Messier and Messier, it was time for “eventually the best team, the best organised, the best selected and the best led” that had the honour to lift the cup of glory.

Cricketer Dale Steyn resorted to humour as he tweeted: “It’s going to be tight but it looks like CSK and BARCA are the people’s choice! I’m off to dinner, my choice is the fish, and chef says that’s the best! Ha ha”.

Clearly supporting Barcelona was actor Shreya, “Really like both the teams but Barca has the magic”. Siddharth who updated his tweets regularly, posted an interesting tweet after the football finals, “Barca has half the Spanish team. Can’t help but look at them with awe. Sir Alex looks molested. Shouting at everyone ;)”.

The conclusion to the sports extravaganza was summarised perfectly by Steyn, “A weekend of great sport! Well done CSK, true champions with their second trophy! You are all heroes.”

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