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Have Patience to catch Poonam naked

Have Patience to catch Poonam Pandey naked

Poonam Pandey, the Kingfisher Model who rose to limelight during World Cup with her nude publicity stunt is back in news. After promising to go for a dare bare act if India wins the cricket World Cup, then on she was forced to withdraw the attempt due to moral policing. Today Poonam reiterated her statement to go nude for her Fans and cricketers.

Poonam says that it was a conscious decision to go nude before Indian cricketers if they won the Cup which did not happen. ‘I have fulfilled my commitment by going 50% nude on Kingfisher 2011 calendar and remaining 50% promise would be done soon. Please have patience to catch me nude. It is definitely coming,’ said Poonam Pandey. Folks, let us see how far Poonam sticks to her word.

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