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Michael Douglas Blames Oral Sex for Throat Cancer

Michael Douglas Blames Oral Sex for Throat CancerMichael Douglas Blames Oral Sex for Throat Cancer

Michael Douglas goes public on his cancer and Oral sex.

Michael Douglas was on to the dark 80s celebrity list to trailblazer the while sex addiction thing. He was admitted in the rehab in 1990 for a very unpopular disease.

More on a more popular stage, Michael Douglas was the sex addiction’s Patient Zero. But back then it was just known as one of the under-researched symptoms of conditions similar to being in a famous band, as opposed to the standalone celebrity blight.

Michael revealed that the doctors have linked his throat cancer to oral sex and HPV; an STD (Sexually transmitted disease). Since then; Michael is constantly drawing the world’s attention towards the disease and how having oral sex can cause cancer.

According to the doctors the disease is spreading and it is a matter of big concern for the man.

While he was announcing and discussing about his new movie, he started the conversation on an entirely different subject related to oral sex and cancer. Although this wasn’t new information for the doctors, but the people were shocked and surprised.

He mentioned that according to the National Cancer Institute: more than 60% throat cancers are cause by HPV, a sexually transmitted disease which is contracted through genital or oral sex. There are around 16 million people in America suffering from HPV, but gets converted to cancer in very few people.

He discussed and warned the people how they should take precautions on the matter and save themselves from cancer. He also covered a few guidelines on sex addiction.

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