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Doctors told me that I can't perform action scenes: Hrithik

Doctors told me that I can't perform action scenes: Hrithik - CineDen
Doctors told me that I can't perform action scenes: Hrithik

People in Indore were overwhelmed to see Hrithik Roshan, who was in the neighbouring city on Monday to promote his upcoming flick Krrish 3.

Hrithik had come along with his director-producer dad Rakesh Roshan. While the fans were excited just to catch a glimpse of him, the kids couldn't contain the urge to shake hands with him. The hall was choc a bloc with people, who cheered loudly in response when the actor asked, "Kaise hain ap?"

The father-son duo then talked about the movie and about the qualities that make a superhero. "I believe that there is a superhero in everyone's heart. Hum sab mein ek superhero hai. We just have to be good to others. That is what a superhero does. He helps others. You don't need to jump from skyscrapers and fly to be one," remarked Hrithik, to which Rakesh Roshan agreed.

The actor, who plays a superhero in the film, went through a difficult time while shooting, when he was diagnosed with a double slipped disc and was asked to rest. "I was told by my doctors that I can't perform the action scenes. But I continued shooting. This is what the movie has taught me - to be strong, confident and positive. We should never give up, and continue to strive for what we want. Krissh- 3 has had a great impact in my life and it surely will appeal to other people," he added.

The flick has Hrithik portraying double roles. On being asked if it was difficult for him to play the characters, Hrithik said, "Rohit and Krrish are two extreme spectrums of my life. It has not been that tough, but yes, I did go the extra mile to bring life to both the characters."

Both were all praise for Vivek Oberoi, who plays role of Kaal in the movie. "Vivek is a very sincere actor who has portrayed the character very well. No one could have done it better than him," said Hrithik. Overwhelmed by the grand welcome in Indore, Hrithik thanked the people for coming and apologised that he couldn't respond to all the questions because of the time constraints. "Sorry, I can not talk more now. Thank you very much," waved Hrithik and signed off.

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