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Mallika Sherawat becomes nostalgic

Mallika Sherawat becomes nostalgic - CineDen
Mallika Sherawat becomes nostalgic

Mallika Sherawat was recently in the city to promote her new show, 'The Bachelorette India', and even though it wasn't her first visit to Gurgaon, she felt like it was. She told us, "This is not the Gurgaon I know. I used to come here many years ago and this is not how I knew this city. Around 10 years back, I used to come here to meet my cousins and there were no skyscrapers like there are today. Gurgaon used to be quiet and close to nature, and we loved it like that."

The actress keeps shunting between Mumbai and LA now, but she's from Haryana, and this visit made her nostalgic. She said, "The positive side of Haryana, or any other smaller village in north India, is the warmth in these families. I love how everyone is so closely connected and people take advice from their taus and chachas and other members of their extended families. This is something that is missing in every metropolitan city elsewhere." Another thing she misses about Haryana is the food. "Saag in winters is something that I love to eat," she said.

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