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Night shoots take a toll on Raima Sen

Night shoots take a toll on Raima Sen - CineDen
Night shoots take a toll on Raima Sen

Raima Sen has been shooting for a film with an unusual title- 'Bastard Child'. Apparently, the film is on the Bangladesh and Pakistan war period and the entire schedule was shot in the night for a month in Delhi.

"The tight month-long schedule required Raima to remain awake in the night making her entire system go haywire. She kept saying that she is more of morning person and working continuously in the nights was taking a toll on her completely. Since it is a war film, night shoots were crucial," revealed a source.

Raima has also been shooting for a Bengali venture.

The source said, "Bengali cinema has always held a special place in Raima's heart. In fact she has rarely turned downoffers from her home town. She enjoys doing Bengali cinema. Thus, when this offer came her way she immediately said a yes and is currently shooting for it."

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