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Be your wife's best friend: Vidya Balan

Be your wifes best friend: Vidya Balan - CineDen

Be your wifes best friend: Vidya Balan

Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, who play Siddharth and Trisha in Shaadi Ke Side/Effects, have been playing agony uncle and aunt to real-life couples in a special column. Here's the duo again, offering quick-fix solutions to relationship problems.

I got married recently and I'm having a very stressful time. When I do what my wife says, she thinks that I have no brains and can't think for myself. And when I do something by myself, she again thinks that I have no brains and I should have listened to her instead! I am very confused! Help! Sid: Challenge your wife to a tough crossword game. But make sure you know the answers beforehand. Once you win, remind her of this game for the rest of your happily married life. Caution: Never ever ever ever let her find out that you cheated. Trisha: Every time she says, 'you have no brains', you tell her that she chose you for your brain, so it's her fault.

Once my husband forgot my mother's birthday and I got upset, so he got us gifts. Recently, I got him a gift without an occasion. He thinks that I have done something wrong and refuses to see reason. His suspicions are driving me mad. Wife in distress! Sid: Out with it now. What have you really done? Trisha: Take back the gift and let him keep wondering what wrong he has done... Hehe!

During my proposal to my girlfriend, I told her that I found my best friend, lover and partner for life in her. Now, when I want to hang with my male buddies, my wife insists on coming along — she says I only said that we are each other's best friends. Then she promises that she will come for a short time, but stays for the entire evening. She does this every single time! Sid: Just pray. There is no other way. Anything you say will put you in danger buddy. Trisha: Be her best friend and tell her the truth. She will appreciate it and if she doesn't, I didn't say this.

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