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I am marriage material: Divya Dutta

I am marriage material: Divya Dutta - CineDen

I am marriage material: Divya Dutta

For all those speculating if the critically acclaimed and chirpy Divya Dutta going to settle down in a marriage at all, Divya clarifies, "Yes, I most certainly will get married. I am the marriage material, the marrying types." The actress maybe busy shooting films back to back and garnering more acclaim with each new film, but that certainly doesn't mean she has no plans, or time, for matrimony.

"I am just waiting for the right person, though I do believe that there is nothing like a perfect man," says Divya who is currently shooting for Aayi Bala Ko Taal Tu in Chandigarh with Rishi Kapoor and Ram Kapoor.

She says at this stage, besides her mother, there are many people who keep asking her this question often. "My mother has kind of given up on me...she is tired of telling me to settle down in matrimony, like all mothers. But I am also amused at people in general...itni fikr hai meri logon ko!"

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