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Dileep Injured In a Bomb Blast While Shooting

Dileep Injured In a Bomb Blast While Shooting

Actor Dileep got injured in a bomb blast while shooting for the movie Orma Mathram. The team for Orma Mathram, was shooting the bomb explosion scene at the Eloor Market. Dileep suffered a minor injury on his hand, but went on with the shooting.

Dileep was shooting the scene with Master Siddharth, who plays his son. The bomb blast part is an important sequence in the film as the rest of the story is about the fathers search for his lost son in the blast.

Priyanka is the heroine.

Directed by Madhu Kaithapram, Orma Mathram is produced by Horizon Films. It is the third directorial venture of Madhu Kaithapram who earlier directed the critically acclaimed and award winning movies Madhya Venal and Ekantham.

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