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Shahrukh feels Ra.One will change the Genre of Indian Films

Bollywood star ShahRukh Khan has started promoting his upcoming sci-fi superhero film “Ra.One” quite ahead of its release.He told media that the film is an attempt to create something that will change the genre of Indian films.But to make people understand its nature,he has made this kind of marketing.

He feels once the audience becomes known of this new superhero avtar in bollywood, then people would like to come and see the film and get the feel of it.Bollywood films havent created a unique superhero kind of character yet.Ra.one is the first attempt.And it will change the nature of future films for sure.

“It’s an indigenously made film and it’s made in VFX studios in India and is trying to create something which will change the genre of films. If Indian filmmakers would like to make something alike, they have the access to the technology,” King Khan told reporters.

Ra.One’ is scheduled to release at Diwali.

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