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Minissha detained at Airport with Undeclared Jewellery

Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba was detained at the Mumbai Airport with Undeclared Jewellery

Bollywood actress Minisha Lamba caught red handed?.... It is reported that the actress has been detained for few hours at Mumbai Airport due to carrying undeclared jewellery which is claimed to be value of sum of Rs. 50 lakh. This whole story took place at Mumbai Airport while Minissha flew from Cannes film festival on Wednesday.

Let us brightened the whole story. Minissha was in Cannes as she was invited by the filmmakers to attend the premier of Woody Allen's film , 'Midnight in Paris'. After that when she came back to India she was caught by AIU because she was carrying few jewellery with her which cost around Rs. 50 lakh without declaring it to the customs.

According to the sources Minissha Lamba was carrying some diamond ornaments given by the brands of jewellery. A senior custom officer said, "She was supposed to notify it to the customs department,'' He also added that she had not declared any jewellery when she flew out.

Some people who are close to Minissha said in support of her, she has all the required papers. ''The jewellery was been given by one of the jewellery brands so it could be showcased when Lamba walked the red carpet for Woody Allen's film premier,''

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