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Anushka Sharma detained at Airport for 8 Hours

Anushka Sharma detained at Airport for 8 Hours

Anushka Sharma’s return to Mumbai from IIFA in Toronto has been nightmarish. Around 2 pm on Monday, she was detained at Mumbai airport when upon routine check-up, the assistant commissioner of the custom department found undeclared jewellery and expensive watches in her luggage.

The actress was reportedly ushered aside for detailed questioning, even though sources close to her maintained that she was held up for mere completion of some paperwork.

The officials found diamond and gold jewellery and branded watches from Anushka’s baggage. According to a custom official, Anushka defended herself by saying that she had taken the jewellery and fashion accessories from India and therefore bringing them back to the country excludes her from paying duties. But the custom department claims that Anushka did not declare the jewellery before leaving the country.

Reports say that the actress has been booked under Sections 75, 111 L, M and D of the Customs Act for non-declaration of goods and evasion of duty. Anushka has reportedly handed over to the custom department the jewellery bills and a letter from a watch company to defend her case. The custom department is still verifying the veracity of the documents.

Meanwhile, the actress has been allowed to go home. But if it is found that she bought the jewellery abroad and was bringing it to India, she may have to pay a duty of 36.05 percent of the jewellery’s total worth. Worse still, she may have to shell out a hefty redemption fee to take the confiscated jewellery back.

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