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Udhayan (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Udhayan (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Cast :
  • Arulnithi
  • Praneetha
  • Ashish Vidyarthi
  • Santhanam
Directed by : Chaplin
Produced by : Prabhakaran
Written by : Chaplin
Music by : Manikanth Kadri
Cinematography : S. D. Vijay Milton
Editing by : Te. Kishore
Studio : Muthamizh Padaippagam

Action satisfaction

Arulnidhi, grandson of former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi garnered all attention making his debut in director Pandiraj's Vamsam. His second - Udhayan has hit the screens today. Directed by Chaplin, it is a city slicker and expectations are high. Lets check out how the movie is.


Udhayan (Arulnidhi) works as an assistant manager in a bank in Chennai. A fun-loving youth, he falls in love with a young girl Priya (Praneetha). He straightaway urges her to marry him. Clear in his thoughts and actions, he is admired by all. Santhanam works in the bank as his colleague. Meanwhile an old man (Ashish vidyarthi) runs from pillar to post searching for Udhayan. Meanwhile Priya's father who works as an auditor with a baddie in the city wants his boss help to separate the lovers. As it happens Udhayan and the gang have scores to settle. Udhayan is knifed. The latter part is all but how Udhayan sets all things right and crucial part played by Ashish Vidyarthy in it.


Arulnidhi, who played a soft-spoken rustic youth in Vamsam has taken the other way round here. He dons the role of a city-bred youth. He looks trendy and appears in stylised costumes. He has proved his mettle in stunt sequences and shakes his legs too. Praneetha appears as cute bubbly girl and utilise the opportunity well. Santhanam is as usual in a prime form evoking laughter with his one-liners. Ashish Vidyarthy is back in Tamil playing a pivotal role. He emotes well. All the characters b;lend well and give the desired output on screen.


Chaplin, who worked as associte to many filmmakers has used all his experience to weave a thrilling storyline and the fact is that he executes it well on screen. He has given an image makeover for Arulnidhi. The film proceeds in a lighter vein and takes an action-packed turn as it progresses. The twists are set at right places and Chaplin's understanding of audience's pulses is evident . The last few minutes are really racy and rivetting.


S D Vijay Milton has been a pillar of strength for the director. His lens captures the events in a racy and rivetting manner. Editing by Kishore is razor sharp. It adds pep to the whole proceedings. The highlight of the movie is however the songs by Manikanth Kadri, Son of saxophone player Kadri Gopalnath. He mesmerises with his catchy tunes. Also the background score livens up the proceedings.

Plus points

- Arulnidhi and Manikanth Kadri's music
- Stunt sequences

Minus points

- Familiar theme
- lacks pace in latter part

Box office predictions

The movie is rich, trendy and stylish. Targetted at youngsters, positive reviews might help the movie make decent opening.

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