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Hansika Motwani is a Real Hero

Hansika Motwani is a Real Hero

Bubbly beauty Hansika Mothwani has proved that she is good at her heart in an incident occurred while a Tamil Picture “OKOK” shooting is in progress.

When she was coming back after pack-up the shooting for the day, she has seen some unknown person met an bike accident and was lying on the road in the pool of blood but there was no one came forward to help him. Her driver also drove by crossing this incident but after seeing the incident Hansika asked his driver to return back to the spot in thought of rescue him. As on the advice of a pedestrian, she has called the ambulance to the spot.

Her mother is a Doctor and went with the victim in the ambulance to the Hospital and Hansika has followed the ambulance in her car.Hansika left the hospital soon after the Doctors confirmed her that the victim’s condition is stable. Everyone praised her on this incident and really she brought him to the hospital in time as he was losing lot of blood.

Hansika has proved that she is a hero-ine in real life too.

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