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Asin Thottumkal has a Little Fan!

Asin Thottumkal has a Little Fan!

On her way to Mangalore for a function, Asin was recently at the Mumbai airport and was about to board her flight, when a cute, curly-haired little girl came running up to her shouting, "Didi! Didi!"

The actress immediately picked her up and the next thing she knew, the little muppet had wrapped her tiny arms around her neck and given her a smacking kiss on the cheeks!

We hear the child just refused to let Asin go. So the actress gave her a few chocolates which were in her handbag, while the child's mother tried unsuccessfully to separate her from Asin. Asin's flight (at the adjacent gate) was boarding, so to make things easier, Asin carried the little girl with her till the gate and finally managed to cajole the kid to let her go. Sweet!

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