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Bollywood is Fickle: Sameera Reddy

Bollywood is Fickle: Sameera Reddy

Actress Sameera Reddy, who's balancing work in the south and north, feels that Bollywood is 'fickle'. Ask her why and she reasons, "It just moves. Today you're there, tomorrow you're not. South is also like that, but to a lesser extent in comparison with Bollywood. People really stick to you. Even if you go up or down this Friday or the next, they still really support you. People in Bollywood shift like the wind."

However, that's not the case with people down south, in her opinion. "The most important thing is they're time bound, they don't waste your dates, they're God-fearing, they take care of you, if they love you, they make sure you don't leave, they make sure you're happy," she says.

The actress, whose last release in Tamil was Prabhu Deva's Vedi, is currently doing the lead role and an item number in Priyadarshan's Hindi flick, Tezz. About the item number, she says, "It's quite a pressure today, and producers understand the importance of it. At one point, an item girl was frowned upon but today, she can actually rule the show business. I salute every item girl out there."

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