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Divya Spandana at it Again

Divya Spandana at it Again

Actress Divya Spandana has lodged a complaint against two leading film photojournalists of Bangalore. The actress said that the duo had uploaded her pictures from her upcoming film Neer Dose(working stills) on social networking sites and internet without taking her permission!

The director and producer had invited the media to the sets of the film, which has Jaggesh and Divya Spandana playing the lead. The actress, we hear, objected to the photojournalists shooting her candid pictures on the sets as she didn't want the stills from the movie to leak online as the shoot wasn't completed.

However, the photojournalists left the shooting sets saying that they were only during their duty as the producer had invited them on the sets. One of the photojournalists uploaded an unedited image of the actress as there were no specific directions from the filmmakers. This irked the actress and she approached the police for infringing upon her privacy.

She lodged a complaint with the Ashok nagara police station. Jaggesh, the lead actor of the film, is now playing peace maker between the actress and the media. She is allegedly upset with her fans as well. The actress, we hear, blocked a fan and tweeted to her saying, ''I had to block you cos you had RT the unauthorised picture. I had no choice cos I had to prevent it from further broadcast.'

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