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Sherlyn Chopra calls herself a 'Sex Revolutionary'

Sherlyn Chopra, who is known for her 'bold girl' image and recently made headlines for being the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine, has opened up about her sexuality and her co-relation with the term 'sex goddess'.

Talking about boldness, the model-turned-actress said, "To me, fearlessness is boldness. Being bold is about choosing to live with real integrity which compels an individual to make choices/decisions that lack fear and doubt."

During an interview with a leading daily, she was also asked how she feels about being the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

She answered the question thus: "It feels exceptionally awesome to have become a history-maker. The Playboy team that I had worked with for five days in a row had treated me as one of their own. Not once did I feel the need to re-consider my decision of going nude before or during the cover shoot. After the photo shoot, some strange mechanism had begun to take over my thought process. In a weird, surreal way, Playboy has played a catalyst in causing an unfathomable shift in my level of consciousness."

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