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Something Something (2013) - Telugu Movie Review

Something Something (2013) - Telugu Movie ReviewSomething Something (2013) - Telugu Movie Review

Cast :
  • Siddharth as Kumar
  • Hansika Motwani as Sanjana
  • Brahmanandam as Premji
  • Ganesh Venkatraman as George
  • Rana Daggubati (cameo)
  • Samantha (cameo)
  • Kushboo (cameo)
Directed by : Sundar C.
Produced by : Subrahmanyam B., Suresh S.
Written by : Sundar C.
Music by : C. Sathya
Cinematography : Gopi Amarnath
Editing by : Praveen K. L., N. B. Srikanth
Distributed by : Lakshmi Ganapathi films

There is an advantage in love stories and films based on entertainment. There is no requirement to write according to a formula or length, logic is not needed at all and so is heroism. It is enough if we narrate a story as a story but there is a shouldn't get bored at all. There might not be anything fresh or new but it will suffice if you don't hurt the intelligence or the ego of the audience. If a moviegoer expects one scene to unfold in a particular way, do it as he wishes, that will do.

A hero who has no hits at all for a long time, a director who is not known to the Telugu audience and a producer who never trusts a Telugu movie but produces only dubbing films. What if this trio gets together to do something something? Let's see which kind of audience will like it? Kumar (Siddharth) is a software engineer and he has a huge flashback, he falls in love when he is very young but no one ever cares to give him a look. He is unsuccessful in his love trials at least three times and with that he loses interest and belief in love and marriage.

Resigned with his fate as a failure in love he works at a software company and that point of time he comes across a beautiful woman Sanjana (Hansika). The moment he sees her, he falls in love with her and there is a twist in the story before he makes all his attempts to make her notice him and his feelings. Someone else is in love with Sanjana but then he had resolved not get disappointed this time and even takes the help of a Love Guru to make her fall for him. But did Kumar emerge successful or not? What about the other man who is in love with Sanjana? Let's read on.

In love stories there is no need of a proper plot. It is enough if there is love but here the problem is there is no love. With that there is no story too but there is plenty of entertainment and this film banks on it completely. Sundar C is known for dishing out entertaining films and he repeats it here too. Such films happen when the director trusts the hero and the hero trusts the director and when the producer places immense belief in the duo.

Something Something is not a film that has a story to move further, the execution, the narration is of paramount importance. The kick comes out of the episodes, scenes. They might have made this movie thinking that Sundar C is good in making comedy and he lived upto their expectations once again. There are some main scenes that occupy your interest. What did a guy do to get a girl's love and how did he achieve it is the base of the story and is the story. Love Guru character is the spine of Something Something. Because the role is given to Brahmanandam the journey is smooth.

Brahmanandam for a change hasn't resorted to any over action or do any Jaffa work to tickle the audiences, what he did was decent comedy and every character in the film has been minutely cared for by the director. Siddharth is not the hero of the film, he is just another character who drives the film, it has been designed that way and Siddharth did a good work and the audience were able to watch it.

If Kumar's role were to be played by any other actor, we would have seen the hero and not the character. Siddharth consciously or unconsciously in some scene or the other, at least if one tends to overact but in this film the director doesn't give him that chance. Hansika looks fat in some scenes and slim in other scenes, Sundar C takes great care to conceal the fact that she cannot act. He used many montage shots where she walks around here and there. If there were dialogues he saw to it she spoke the minimum. Intelligent man, she has been roped in for being photogenic, she looks pretty too.

The dialogue writer and the director competed with each other, but most of the marks go to the writer of the Tamil film, we get to hear some new lines. The music and cinematography don't remind us that it is a small budget film. You don't get bored in the first half, the way the story takes on from there is equally good. But after a while we come across some speed breakers. This is the problem with such stories.

Despite the 'n' number of gimmicks, when there is no proper story, you will sooner or later find the lag. This is where you can fault the director. If the story keeps moving around the same point, you tend to get bored. Too much Tamil style comedy here and there. If you are willing to ignore this, it is a decent film for Siddharth. It is a good time pass film as the audience also is not greedy for anything more than this.

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