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Saradaga Ammayitho (2013) - Telugu Movie Review

Saradaga Ammayitho (2013) - Telugu Movie ReviewSaradaga Ammayitho (2013) - Telugu Movie Review

Cast :
  • Varun Sandesh
  • Nisha Agarwal
  • Suman
  • K. Vishwanath
  • Brahmanandam
  • M. S. Narayana
  • Ali
  • Mumaith Khan
  • Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
  • Venu Madhav
  • Krishna Bhagavaan
  • Surekha Vani
  • Charmy Kaur (Cameo appearance)
Directed by : Bhanu Shankar
Produced by : Pattikonda Kumara Swamy
Music by : Ravi Varma
Distributed by : Sri Kumara Swamy Productions

The youth these days are inflicting torture on the terminology called 'love'. On the pretext of showing love the filmmaker shows 'everything' except love. If you happen to read this on the posters, "Nede chudandi mee abhimana theatrelalo goppa prema katha chitram', you will know what it means to get scared.

Courtesy a new director, we are getting to see liberal doses of double meaning dialogues that can be equated to soft porn being dished out by many other filmmakers without qualms. If 13 reels are laced with sexual innuendos, the fourteenth one shows the enlightenment of the hero.

Haven't we heard of this since time immemorial? Which generation does such films cater to? The producer or director attach a classy title and release the film. How much is 'fun' here and what is the respect shown towards women here in 'Saradaga Ammaitho'?

Santosh (Varun Sandesh) is shown as having a condescending attitude towards women courtesy his childhood, his father is a sexologist, so his understanding of a woman, love and sex is different. He falls in love when he is ten years old. Can anyone stop him when such a kid becomes an adult?

The moment he sees a beautiful girl, he tries to impress and get close to her, when his work is done he moves on to the next. He believes in the adage that every woman has a weakness and it will suffice if you cash on it. Geeta (Nisha Agarwal) bumps into Santosh in a wedding, he tries his cheap tricks again to familiarise himself but she is intimidating. So Santosh uses the word 'love' as a last resort.

Now she conducts a test to know if the love he has for her is genuine or not. The rest of the story shows if Santosh wins her love and obviously you don't have to think twice about the finale.

We have seen this flavour in many movies, showing the hero as a negative personality, and a realisation dawning upon him but what surprises is director Bhanu Shankar trusting the same old story and the producers spending crores over it. Isn't it suicidal?

He must have thought that if some spice is added to the story the entire youth will flock to the theatres. To give the story a great treatment the story is narrated by Pitambaram (Ali) and Aandaalu (Mumaith Khan). This bit gets intolerable you will not be able to watch her lousy expressions and the equally lousy dialogues. You will lose the count of women they have shown from the first scene till the last.

Not one woman has an individuality, if Santosh compliments them on their pearly whites or dovey eyes, they fall for him instantly and are itching to hop into bed with him. That includes a female cop, Geeta Singh comes in, peeps at his 'manhood' and loses herself. Immediately she rushes into the restroom and takes a cold shower to cool her hormones.

"Ilantiabbayini vodhulukovoddhu," she tells the girls as if it is Gospel and leaves. What is this trash? The entire film is filled with such scenes, the girls are angling at him as if they are starved or if Santosh is God's gift to womankind. The moment Saradaga Ammaitho begins we know where this film is heading towards and what the content will be.

This apparently seems to be the attitude of the director towards the opposite sex and that is what he projects. Does a son crave for sex just because his father is a clinical sexologist?

Rao Ramesh is the only relief, his character speaks of the sweetness in a wife and the importance of love. There is a dialogue that goes, 'even if we die it is okay, we should feel like returning to life just for the wife,' is written well.

Varun Sandesh's expressions and dialogues show no variety, whatever mistakes he did in his previous films, he repeated them here. Make-up is overdone, the hair styling did not suit him. Nisha Agarwal is good but the way her character was elevated was not executed properly.

There is nothing much to say about others, the directors should stop making and trashing films based in the guise of love. Spice in movies might be tasty but if the quantum changes, the taste too goes for a toss and is also bad for health. The film should have been titled Saradaga Ammailatho and shouldn't have gone singular.

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