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Sarah Jessica Parker spotted smoking again - CineDen
Sarah Jessica Parker spotted smoking again

Sarah Jessica Parker has been spotted taking a smoke break in Greenwich Village, like a teenager in a rebellious outfit with sunglasses, black leather jacket and jeans.

Years earlier, the 48-year-old actress had publicly said that she was "generally not a smoker", the New York Post reported.

The 'Sex and the City' Star was asked in 2004 by Larry King if she was a smoker, to which she had replied that she smoked during the initial years while playing Carrie but then she quit when she had a baby.

She even blamed Paris, its great architecture, food and wine where she had to smoke for her role in the HBO hit.

The Hollywood star's husband, Mathew Broderick said in a 2008 interview with New York magazine that he smokes every now and then but his wife Sarah Jessica is worse than him on that.

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