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Director refuses to change title that refers to Suriya

Director refuses to change title that refers to Suriya - CineDen
Director refuses to change title that refers to Suriya

Raja Subbiah, who is directing and acting in the film Saravanan Engira Suriya, says that he has been getting requests from actor Suriya's side to change the title of his film. Suriya's actual name, before he entered the film industry, was Saravanan.

Assuring that the story has nothing defaming about Suriya, Raja says that he has completed the film and changing the title will involve significant re-shooting. "The title aptly fits the story.We have created the scenes and dialogues keeping this title concept in mind. We have spent much of our time, money and energy working on this script, and creating publicity. Changing the title will mean that all these will go to waste," he explains. Raja claims that he initially had another title for the film but while writing the script, he was inspired by a dialogue the hero says to change the title to Saravanan Engira Surya. We were well into the shoot when it dawned upon us that Suriya's actual name is also Saravanan," he says.

Meanwhile, Suriya's spokesperson says they had come to know from media reports that the film is about a guy who thinks he is like actor Suriya. "Our concern is that people will associate such a title with Suriya.We have filed an objection with the Nadigar Sangam, and they have taken it with the producers' guild,where the title has been registered," he says and adds that Raja had not taken any permission from them for this title.

Clarifying that they are not against the film or its content, he says, "We do not know the film's content, so we cannot say whether we are okay with that or not. Right now, our objection is only to the title as it directly refers to actor Suriya. This is just a tactic to gain publicity by using Suriya's name." He informs that the Nadigar Sangam has now told the Producers' Guild that they should get an approval from them before registering titles which have an actor's name.

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