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Will miss celebrating Diwali in Delhi: Huma Qureshi - CineDen
Will miss celebrating Diwali in Delhi: Huma Qureshi

Delhi girl Huma Qureshi was in town to walk the ramp for the grand finale of the North East Fashion Fest recently. Dressed in a traditional outfit, Huma charmed the guests with her smile and her twirly, happy walk.

We spoke to her before the show, when she told us, "I am super excited to be on the ramp. Nervous, too - I hope I don't fall off! I was never a ramp model and I considered these models to be these exquisite beings, so pretty and so thin. So now that I am getting to do this, I am very excited. Posing on head ramp with all the photographers clicking you - it's so much fun."

We asked her about her Diwali plans and she told us, "This time, I'll be celebrating Diwali with my friends in Mumbai. But I'll miss the Delhi Diwali atmosphere. I have very fond memories from Diwalis spent here. I had this one friend, who was my neighbour, and I used to go to her house every Diwali. Pura suit pehen ke, I used to sing all the bhajans also, so her mother loved me and my friend used to get angry because of this. But yes, Diwali in Delhi meant lots of mithai, lots of card parties and just full-on entertainment. I'll miss all that fun this Diwali."

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