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Katrina and her beau's dad share hotel

Katrina and her beau's dad share hotel - CineDen

Katrina and her beau's dad share hotel

By a stroke of coincidence, Katrina Kaif and Rishi Kapoor, father of Ranbir Kapoor, who is rumoured to be in a relationship with Kat, are staying in the same hotel in Chandigarh these days. Both the actors are in the city on account of their films being shot here. While Rishi is here for Aye Bala Ko Taal Tu with Divya Dutta and Ram Kapoor, Katrina is shooting for Phantom with Saif Ali Khan.

Though we have learnt that Katrina and Ranbir have cemented their relationship even further after their recent holiday in Sri Lanka, we aren't sure if Kat's relationship with her prospective in-laws (if Ranbir and Kat formalise their affair into marriage that is), have changed their attutude towards the actress. While some time back we had heard that both Rishi and Neetu, Ranbir's parents, were not too keen on Ranbir settling down with Katrina, we aren't sure if their relationship have undergone any change since Ranbir-Kat decided to come even closer to each other of late.

According to the insiders in the hotel where Kat and Rishi are staying, while Rishi is still seen around the hotel, having lunch or coffee, there has never been a time he has come face to face with Katrina.

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