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Happy Husbands (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Happy Husbands (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast and Crew :

Starring : Anay, Kurush Deboo, Gaurav Ghai, Bakul Thakkar, Farida, Archana
Directed by : Anay
Produced by : Suresh Sharma
Written by : Anay
Singers : Javed Ali, Naresh Iyer, Sunidhi Chauhan, Hamza, Earl, Anay, Ishq Victor
Lyricist : Anay, Sarim Momin
Music by : Anay
Cinematography : Srikant Naroj
Editing by : Anay, Vilas Ranade, Deepak Wirkud
Studio : Phenomenal Crafts Ltd

It’s fun to watch B-grade films! The nonsensical stuff that is dished out by these films can at times provide high octane entertainment! And this can really be enjoyed more if you watch these films in theatres! With this belief and some nice previous experiences, I ventured out to see Happy Husbands expecting lots of fun. However, this time, I was really very disappointed! The film is abound with stupid scenes but none that make you say, “LOL…what a stupid scene…hahahah!”. In fact, the sequences in the flick make you squirm, “Yuck…what a stupid scene…Chee!”

The story of the movie:

Jaiveer (Anay) is the unofficial guru for wannabe cheating husbands. Mohit (Mohit Ghai) has a loving wife but off late is finding himself attracted to every other lady except his wife! He shares his problem with his buddy Arjun (Ahwaan) who affirms that ‘this is natural’ and he shouldn’t hesitate and that he should shamelessly cheat on his wife! Mohit doesn’t like the idea and hence Arjun takes him to Jaiveer who turns Mohit into a ‘cheating husband’. Mohit at this point comes across Komal Mazaakar, a rich divorcee and Jaiveer motivates Mohit to have an affair with her. However, soon their life takes a turn and they realize that what they believe and what they are doing is wrong.

Happy Husbands rests on an ‘innovative’ idea-if you really love your wife and attend to all her wishes and demands, there’s no wrong in occasionally cheating on her! Thankfully, the protagonists are shown changing their stupid belief towards the finale. But by the time the film reaches there, you are already exhausted and tortured! The film is one never-ending tale. What could have been told in precise 60 minutes is stretched into a 145 minutes (2.25 hours) affair. The intermission in fact came after 1 ½ hours, making the audiences dread as to whether this was 3 hour (or even more) film! Throughout the film, Jaiveer is shown explaining his ‘funda’ to his ‘chhelas’. The film goes into flashback mode as he explains about the mistakes committed by his friends while cheating and warned them not to repeat them! 3 to 4 times, Mohit asks Jaiveer the same question “Mein apni biwi se pyaar karta hoon. Tum aisa biwi ke saath kaise kar sakte ho?” and each time, Jaiveer gives him a new explanation instead of sternly asking him “Ek hi question repeat kyon karta hai?”! And the songs that suddenly crop up out of nowhere add to the length of the film!

The climax was lame and insipid. Jaiveer, who was advising the world about cheating, couldn’t prevent his own wife from catching him red-handed! Arjun, turns from disloyal hubby to faithful husband just because Jaiveer and Mohit turn into one! There’s one more character, Champu (Kurush Deboo), who seems desperate to cheat but does nothing throughout the film and just foolishly hangs around the gang, something even jotting down points given by Jaiveer!

Speaking of performances, Mohit Ghai gives his best foot but unfortunately the lackluster script doesn’t let audience realize that! Ahwaan looks good but disappears midway and suddenly resurfaces in the end. Kurush Deboo, who was loved by all as Dr Rustom in Munnabhai MBBS, doesn’t get much scope. Archana (Jaiveer’s wife) and Dia (Arjun’s wife) looks preety while Shruti (Mohit’s wife) make no mark. There’s one Rishi Kapoor lookalike in the film too!

And lastly, Anay is the soul of the film! Not because he’s the protagonist but because he’s also the story writer, screenwriter, dialogue writer, one of the editors, one of the lyricists, background music composer, music director and production designer. Whew! And he also plays the role of Jaiveer’s tharki Sardar buddy (lame inspiration from Love Aaj Kal)! As an actor, he seemed too confident of what he’s doing. Story and some scenes were straightaway inspired from No Entry. In fact, Jaiveer’s character is equivalent to Salman in No Entry while that of Mohit is Anil Kapoor! Direction is equally bad and as said before, Happy Husbands is needlessly stretched. Surprisingly, Anay gets some marks for the background score and songs which were bearable to an extent.

In one of the crappiest scenes, there’s a shot focusing on Mohit’s office employees and they were fully blurred! Maybe, the producer didn’t want to pay them and hence opted for easy way out!

On the whole, Happy Husbands is the baddest of bad films. If you planning to watch it later on to have some laugh (that’s what these films are meant for!), then please avoid it!

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