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Vivek Oberoi to Strip in His Next?

Vivek Oberoi to Strip in His Next?

Reportedly, Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi is all set to strip in the sequel of Ek Chalis Ki Last Local. It seems that Vivek is highly inspired by John Abraham's exposing act in Dostana.

A source informed TOI, "Abhay Deol went shirtless in ECKLC, Vivek will go a step ahead and expose way more than just his bare chest." In fact, it is being said that Vivek would make a dare and bold attempt, that's even more than John.

He will initially strip down to his boxers and eventually get rid of that as well. Director Sanjay Khanduri informs TOI, "We are making Vivek do something he has never attempted before. Knowing him, we are sure he can pull it off perfectly. We'll take a final call on the level of skin-show at the edit table."

Tata Docomo Chooses Actor Vijay as Their Brand Ambassador

Tata Docomo Chooses Actor Vijay as Their Brand Ambassador

Tata Docomo has chosen Tamil actor Vijay as their new brand ambassador for a period of 1 year. He would be endorsing the products and services of Tata DOCOMO in Tamil Nadu.

Tata Docomo has currently launched new Double talk time plan for CDMA prepaid customers and Full talk time plan for GSM prepaid customers for this festive season. Double talk time plan on CDMA would offer double talk time on select recharges on or above Rs 10 that include Rs 10/20/25/50/100/110/150/200 denominations.

Full talk time plan on GSM would offer full talk time on all recharges on or above Rs 10. New customers will have to recharge with Rs 41 wherein existing customers will have to recharge with Rs 39 to avail the Full talk time plan.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chillar Party (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Chillar Party (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Irrfan Khan as Fatka
  • Sanath Menon as Arjun / Encyclopedia
  • Rohan Grover as Ramashanker / Akram
  • Naman Jain as Balwan / Jhangiya
  • Aarav Khanna as Aflatoon
  • Vishesh Tiwari as Laxman / Second Hand
  • Chinmai Chandranshuh as Lucky / Panauti
  • Vedant Desai as Silencer
  • Divji Handa as Shaolin
  • Shriya Sharma as Toothpaste
Directed by : Nitesh Tiwari, Vikas Bahl
Produced by : Ronnie Screwvala, Salman Khan
Screenplay by : Vijay Maurya
Story by : Nitesh Tiwari, Vikas Bahl
Singers : Amitabh Bhattacharya, Armaan Malik, Amit Trivedi, Tanmay Chaudhari, Arvind Vishwakarma, Firoza, Mohit Chauhan, Gaurika Rai, Keshav Rai, Jaishri Trivedi
Lyricist : Nitesh Tiwari, Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Vikas Bahl
Music by : Amit Trivedi
Distributed by : UTV Spot Boy, Salman Khan Productions

Once again filmmakers with small budget but big content have shown that all it takes to make a film is to have the right story, right direction and right acting. And maybe that's just what attracted many Bollywood celebs towards the touching yet entertaining film Chillar Party. First it was Ranbir Kapoor to tag his name to the film by offering to do an item song for free so that the film could get some mileage at the ticket windows, then it was The Salman Khan who got so pleased by the acting that he thought of co-producing the film itself. We give you an insight into what made this film such a talk of town.

As rightly mentioned in press release Chillar Party is a fillam about a gang of innocent but feisty bachcha log Jangiya, Encyclopedia, Panauti, Akram among others who lead a carefree and fun filled life in Chandannagar colony. Soon Fatka&Bhidu come into their lives and they become an inseparable part of Chillar party. The lives of these bachcha logs get difficult when Bhidu's life is endangered, thanks to a mean politician. Saathmein they fight the big bad world of politics and show that even chhotebachche can move mountain. In a world where reason outweighs emotions, Chillar party teaches everyone to feel rather than think. They prove that what seems right is not always right.

Director Vikas Bahl and Nimesh Tiwari prove their mettle in their debut film itself. The fine detailing, the humour quotient as well as the story are all brilliant. There are many endearing moments that tug at your heart. The characters are so adorable that within minutes you are drawn into their simple and innocent world and you can't help but get enamoured by their intelligence, chirpiness, ebullience and endearing naughtiness. Quite recently, Amole Gupte too tried his hands with a children film Stanley Ka Dabba, but it is Chillar Party that without doubts deserves to win the title of Best Children film so far. The first half of the film moves very quickly courtesy the excellent editing. However, the second half slackens with the overt histrionics of the kids. Even the climax appears stretched but what binds the film together and keeps the interest of the audience intact is the cuteness of the kids and their timing with each other. There will surely remain many scenes that might turn into trademark dialogues. For example, the Gandhi, tapori style dialogue mouthed by Jangiya.

The credit for bringing such a gem to light truly goes to one man - Salman Khan. One can only expect this bad boy of Bollywood to work on a brainless, slapstick Ready on one hand and produce a gem such as this on the other. Had it not been for him and his star power, Chillar Party could've gotten lost in the slew of mega starrers that make it to the theatres.

Talk about the acting and each and every kid does a brilliant job but the ones that stand out are Irfan Khan as Fatka, Sanath Menon as Encyclopedia and Naman Jain as Jhangiya. However, it's all a team effort. While acting department of this film is extremely powerful, music by Amit Trivedi also deserves a mention. Even the cinematography is good. The only thing that comes out glaring is the absence of Ranbir Kapoor's item song which comes right at the end, even after the end credits.

To sum it up, You should not miss this Chillar Party! Do watch it for its sheer brilliance!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Murder 2 (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Murder 2 (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Emraan Hashmi as Arjun Bhagawat
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Priya
  • Prashant Narayanan as Dheeraj Pandey
  • Sulagna Panigrahi as Reshma
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Inspector Siddharth
  • Sandeep Sikand as Nirmala Pandit
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Commissioner Ahmed Khan
  • Shweta Kawatra as a Doctor / Psychiatrist (Special Appearance)
  • Yana Gupta as Jyoti, Special Appearance in song "Aa Zara"
  • Amardeep Jha as Reshma's mother
  • Jhuma Biswas as Hostel Warden
  • Deep Jyoti Das as Criminal Lawyer
Directed by : Mohit Suri
Produced by : Mukesh Bhatt
Screenplay by : Shagufta Rafique
Story by : Mahesh Bhatt
Singers : Mithoon, Kshitij Tarey, Saim Bhat, Harshit Saxena, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sangeet Haldipur, Roshni Baptist, Mohammad Irfan, Arijit Saha
Lyricist : Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar, Mithoon
Music by : Harshit Saxena, Mithoon, Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur
Cinematography : Ravi Walia
Editing by : Devendra Murdeshwar
Distributed by : Vishesh Films

So the Bhatts have come up with a new product which is a sequel of their own hit film, MURDER (2004). Mallika Sherawat is replaced by Jacqueline Fernandez. But apart from Emraan Hashmi, there's nothing to compare the two films. Even the plots are poles apart. In fact, MURDER 2 could have been named any other film. It clearly shows that the title was just used to cash in on the success of MURDER.

Inspired by a Korean film named THE CHASER, MURDER 2 stars Emraan Hashmi playing ex-cop Arjun Bhagwat. He now gets his daily bread by working for gangsters and pimps. Model Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) is in love with Arjun but he only considers her to be his sex friend. "Na mohabbat, na zaroorat; sirf aadat," are the words he uses to describe her.

A Goan pimp entrusts him the task of finding the whereabouts of his several call girls who have mysteriously gone kaput. His search leads him to a psychopath Dheeraj Pandey (Prashant Narayan), who mercilessly kills women and girls by cutting them into several pieces.

After a raunchy item number featuring Yana Gupta right in the opening credits and a love making scene between Priya and Arjun, director Mohit Suri gets to the point with the main plot of the film. The narrative (which does get gory at times) is packed with numerous thrilling moments. One wonders how the film will unfold once Arjun gets hold of Dheeraj in the first half itself. But there is enough in store to keep you entertained. However, the second half does meander for a while.

Music given by Harshit Saxena, Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur and Mithoon is excellent. Haal-E-Dil and Phir Mohabbat are very hummable. Devendra Murdeshwar's editing is fine. Ravi Walia's cinematography is good.

Emraan Hashmi suits the role perfectly. Actually, the role suits him. It's a typical bad-boy-with-a-good-heart role, something which we have seen Emraan portray many times in the past. Jacqueline Fernandez looks sizzling, but doesn't have a meaty role. Those expecting copious steamy scenes between Emraan and Jacqueline will surely be disappointed. Sulagna Panigrahi, who makes her debut, plays the victimised Reshma to perfection. Sudhanshu Pandey plays his part with a lot of confidence. Sandiip Sikcand acts well. Shweta Kawatra impresses in her cameo.

The film undoubtedly belongs to Prashant Narayan, who delivers a splendid performance. To give him credit, he elevates the film to a great extent. His performance is so effective that you start loathing him every time he appears on screen.

An intriguing plot supported by a superb performance by Prashant Narayan, make MURDER 2 a 'killer' film.

Deiva Thirumagal (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Deiva Thirumagal (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Cast :
  • Vikram as Krishna
  • Baby Sara as Nila
  • Anushka as Anuradha Ragunathan
  • Amala Paul as Swetha Rajendran
  • Nassar as Bashyam
  • Santhanam as Vinod
  • M. S. Bhaskar as Murthy
  • Sachin Khedekar as Rajendran
  • Y. Gee. Mahendra as Ragunathan
  • Krishna Kumar as Victor
  • M. R. Kishore as Nandhakumar
  • Priya as Priya
  • Surekha as Rajee
  • Pandi as Muruga
  • Karthik Kumar as Karthik (Guest appearance)
Directed by : A. L. Vijay
Produced by : Mohan Natarajan
Written by : A. L. Vijay
Singers : Vikram, Saindhavi, G. V. Prakash Kumar, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Haricharan, Maya, Rajesh, Kalyan, Navin Iyer
Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar
Music by : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Nirav Shah
Editing by : Anthony
Studio : Sri Rajakaliamman Medias

Call 'Deiva Thirumagal' an honest attempt once again by director A L Vijay. And, perhaps the need of the hour too. It's far from the madding crowd of commercial masala films.

With no double meaning dialogues or flashy song sequences shot abroad or 'high-voltage' stunt scenes, the film is an emotional journey between a father and daughter and their love towards each other.

The USP of the movie is immaculate performance by Chiyaan Vikram. He plays a dotting father to a five-year-old daughter. But he is not the usual dad - he is an adult with the mental maturity of a five-year-old. The actor in Vikram seems to have taken it in his stride to deliver a power-packed performance.

Matching him by scene-to-scene is young Sara who plays his daughter. The sequences involving Vikram and Sara are the major highlight of 'Deiva Thirumagal'.

Anushka as an advocate and Amala Paul besides a huge star cast that includes Nasser, Santhanam and M S Bhaskar among others have given their best on screen.

Krishna (Vikram), who has the mental maturity of a five-year-old, works in a chocolate factory in Ooty. His wife delivers a baby girl and dies. The girl, Nila (Sara) is brought up in his own way by Krishna.

He showers all his love and care on her. But fate takes a quick turn. Nila's grandfather Rajendran (Sachin Khedkar), a powerful and influential man in society, enters the scene. Fearing that his grand daughter is not safe under a mentally-challenged dad, he takes away the girl from Krishna.

His other daughter Shwetha (Amala Paul) takes care of the child. Krishna runs from pillar to post to get back his daughter. He gets acquainted with advocate Anuradha (Anushka) and Vinod (Santhanam), her junior.

They listen to Krishna's past and promise that they would do their best to get back the custody of Nila. Bashyam (Nasser), a leading advocate, appears for Rajendran. The rest is legal battle and arguments in court and who wins at last.

It is one of the best performances by Chiyaan Vikram. Right from the first scene when he is thrown on street till the last court sequence, he is there playing his part well. Anyone who watches the movie will love Krishna. Such is Vikram's performance as he brings out the innocence of the character well. As a father, friend and guide, he is scintillating.

Sarah is rare find. She is cool in her emotions and performs with ease. It's a different Anushka in 'Deiva Thirumagal'. No glamour but leaves a mark with her decent portrayal.

Amala Paul impresses in few scenes. There is Nasser, playing his part as advocate and Santhanam is good not just in humour but also in emotional scenes.

Nirav Shah's extraordinary visuals and G V Prakash Kumar's music are life and blood to the tale. Na Muthukumar's lyrics add pep to the songs. Vijay has handled things in a mature manner. He is sure to leave an impression.

With engrossing performance by Vikram, backed by strong technical team, the movie is sure to impress you, despite the fact it is predictable in parts.

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Salman, Katrina Safe in Turkey

Salman, Katrina Safe in Turkey

Actors Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, who are in Turkey shooting for Kabir Khan's film 'Ek Tha Tiger', are safe.

A source close to the unit said, "They are shooting in Istanbul which is far away from Van, which has been hit by a massive earthquake."

Salman, Katrina Safe in Turkey

Salman Khan, who was in India for two days to shoot for Bigg Boss, landed on the morning the quake-hit Turkey. Kabir Khan, who earlier tweeted, "Every city has its own energy and character and I love capturing that.'' Salman will be shooting in Turkey for nearly a month and then flies to Iraq to shoot for the same film.

A source said, "Some portions of the film will be shot in the northern border of Iraq and some other middle east countries.''

'Ek Tha Tiger', which will be Salman's next Eid release is a spy thriller shot in five countries. A source said, "One will get to see a different kind of action not like Bodyguard or Dabanng. It is on the lines of Bourne Identity."

Bollywood is a Different World for Me: Shazahn Padamsee

Bollywood is a Different World for Me: Shazahn Padamsee

For a South Bombay girl with her background in English theatre, Bollywood is a completely different world, but Shazahn Padamsee is doing fine.

The spunky actress debuted with the industry heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor in Rocket Singh:Salesman of the Year, in 2009, which was followed by Madhur Bhandarkar's Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji with the top star Ajay Devgn as her hero. And recently she bagged Sajid Khan's Housefull 2, an upcoming Bollywood comedy and sequel to Housefull. "Bollywood is a different world for me, but passion overtook everything. I was drawn to Hindi movies and cinema as a medium and luckily I have blended with everyone, even the hardcore Bollywood guys..I feel like one of them. I feel at home on sets. I am taking one step at a time and don't want to sign random films," says Shazahn.

Shazahn says, she was very clear that she wanted to start off her career with a big production house. "I was lucky that Yashraj's Rocket Singh fell into my lap. I got to work with Ranbir when he was three films old at that time. I got to learn a lot from him. He is very dedicated to his work and I drew inspiration from him. He is like a horse with the blinkers on. He is totally focused and immersed in his work and quick with his dialogues. I would really find it amazing when he would run to the monitor and check whether he needs to do the shot again, he was just 26 then," says Shazahn.

And immediately after Rocket Singh, she got two offers from the South one Tamil and the other Telugu. Telugu film Orangewas opposite Chiranjeevi's son, Ram Charan Tej. "It was the role of a possessive girl friend and I got an opportunity to perform. I played a slightly eccentric character and I ran away with all the good reviews. Since I played a Mumbai girl in the film, it was shot here with just few portions shot in Hyderabad," says Shazahn, who was always keen on doing South films, "because I had heard that it gives a certain kind of experience and ease in front of the camera," she says. And then came Dil To Baccha Hai Ji where she played June Pinto, an office intern. "I loved the character because there is so much of me in it. And I was really lucky to get that film because Madhur has always been on the dream list of directors," says Shazahn, who has now joined the gang of girls - Asin, Zarine Khan, Jacqueline Fernandes in Housefull 2.

Coming from the theatre background and with her ad guru dad Alyque Padamsee's bank of knowledge, Shazahn has something new to learn each day. "My dad is not remotely connected to Hindi commercial cinema but he guides me for my acting as language is no barrier. I always run my scenes and auditions by him. I have to live up to certain standards. Then Madhur Bhandarkar is also there to advice me," says Shazahn. "I consult my dad, but finally use my mind, my judgement. I take my own decisions," says Shazahn who spents a lot of time watching classics like Sholay, Mother India

Keen on taking up only commercial, mainstream projects, Shazahn says, she is happy and enjoying her space with Housefull 2 in her kitty, and few more projects in the pipeline. "But yes, theatre is my roots and I will be doing a play some time..something like Shakespeare. My entire family is into theatre and ad world and I am the odd person out," she laughs.

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I Love Working with Gautham: Samantha

I Love Working with Gautham Menon: Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Gautham Menon's latest muse seems to have struck gold not just in Kollywood but Tollywood too. Dookudu with Mahesh Babu is a success but Samantha, who is busy shooting Gautham Menon's tri-lingual film in Chennai, prefers to downplay it. "The credit for the success of my first film goes to Gautham Menon. My second and third films were with big stars. I am happy that I was a part of these successful films," she says.

Post Sameera Reddy, Samantha is touted as Gautham's muse having done the Telugu version of VTV, a cameo in Nadunisi Naaygal and the current trilingual Neethane En Ponvasantham. Does the film with Prateik Babbar kickstart her Bollywood innings? She replies with an emphatic, "No," adding, "I'm just doing a trilingual film and if I do get a chance to do another Hindi film, I cannot accept immediately as I am busy with South films."

Ask her if it gets repetitive, enacting same shot in three different languages and she agrees it is stressful. "But I like challenges. Also, I love working with Gautham. Somehow, working with him makes my work seem easy!"

Her focus, however, seems to be on Tollywood as she has signed three films there - opposite Siddharth, Naga Chaitanya and Mahesh Babu respectively. Samantha refuses to talk about them despite the filmmakers announcing their projects. She says, "I am a little superstitious about revealing my forthcoming films. I will talk about a film only after completing my first day shoot!"

Who is the Next Arundhati?

Who is the Next Arundhati?

It's no news that one of the biggest blockbusters in Anushka's career, Kodi Ramakrishna's Arundhati, is being remade in Hindi. But the recent buzz is that Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor are two of the frontrunners to play the author-backed lead in the Hindi remake.

Who is the Next Arundhati?

While the film was dubbed into Tamil, a popular production house has bagged the rights to remake the film in Hindi. Now, the house is eager to rope in either Kareena and Katrina to play lead in the film, which is reportedly being directed by Anurag Basu. Earlier, we had reported how Kareena was impressed with Anushka's role in the film and was keen to reprise it in the Hindi version.

Says a source, "The poduction house is in talks with Kat and Kareena, but neither have been finalized for the role. Since Arundhati was a big hit down south, they want to go slow on the remake and make sure it also does well at the BO.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Grand Launch for Osthi

Grand Launch for Osthi

It looks like the audio launch of Simbu's Osthe, which is to take place in the city today, will be a grand musical evening.

The film, directed by Dharani, has music by young composer Thaman and also stars Richa Gangopadhyay, Santhanam, Sonu Sood and Revathy.

A source close to the film's unit says that the audio launch, which will take place at a popular auditorium in the city, will have a live performance of all the songs from the film.

"T Rajendar and veteran singer L R Easwari will be performing the much-expected Kalasala... number (the Tamil version of Munni Badnaam Hui from the original Dabangg) at the event. Simbu will also be performing his songs," adds the source.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Shruti Haasan Walks Out of Dammu

Shruti Haasan Walks Out of Dammu

Shruti Haasan has walked out of the NTR-Boyapti film " Dammu". According to the actress' manager, the parting was amicable.

"Shruti had given dates for the film in March and it was scheduled to be completed by November. However, the film shoot began just two weeks ago and the leading lady's schedule hasn't yet been decided," Shruti's manager said.

It’s Nasty to Link My Son and Me to The Same Girl : Nagarjuna

It’s Nasty to Link My Son and Me to The Same Girl : Akkineni Nagarjuna

In a no-holds-barred interview, actor Nagarjuna speaks his heart out about his work, the women in his life and being a superstar dad to his sons

You are nearing your silver jubilee in the film industry, but there's something about the Nagarjuna that we first saw in "Vikram", and later in hits like "Geetanjali", "Criminal" etc., that is still intact, that's ageless... What's the secret?
thank you... i really don't know, but a lot of people do ask me this. I am not trying to be modest or anything, but I guess I've been fortunate. Perhaps it's the balance that I try to maintain in everything... I don't overdo anything, and neither will I say 'don't do this' or 'don't do that'. Everything I do, I do in moderation. That balance and consistency, be it in my personal life or work, has helped me a lot.

For your viewers, you may not have changed too much - they walk into theaters knowing exactly what to expect from a Nagarjuna-starrer. but personally, how much have you changed over the decades?
Of course, I have changed a lot. You have to evolve. if I don't evolve, then I'm stupid. You have to try to become a better person... From what I was 20-25 years ago, I have changed quite a bit. And I would undo a lot of things if I had a chance. But then again, all those mistakes and all those things I did over the years, have made me what I am today.

Undo what exactly?
Oh, there'd be a lot of things... Movies I did, scripts I chose, equations i had with people, may be friendships I broke off due to the hot-headedness of my younger days. But you want to get over it all at some point, you know.You just grow out of those things. Yeah, so I have changed quite a bit.

If you compare your track record to that of actors who can be called your peers, you are much more star-like - living it large, in both your personal and professional lives. You spell flamboyance, you have a couldn't-care-less attitude and you are one of the most controversial stars, linked to some of the hottest girls... And it's funny that this has been the story for some 20-odd years now...
Maybe it's the price you pay for being different in a traditional industry. I am not trying to play a drama or pretend in real life also... I am very open about these things, there is nothing hush-hush about my friendships either. So they write, what to do...? I am not really doing any bad things, am I? The controversies they create can, at the most, be about some affair I'm supposedly having, or me pushing my son's film... i believe that the day I cease to exist as a star, there will not be any controversy. these things go hand in hand. If anyone writes anything about me, it's only because I am popular. I have to look at it that way - as long as it doesn't bother my wife, my children and my parents, I am happy.

What's interesting is that stories about your link-ups never die down. They're more like torrid romantic sagas that span years. For instance, we still keep hearing about you and Tabu...
I really don't know where I've got this undeserved crown from... Yes, Tabu is a fantastic friend of mine. our friendship goes way back, since I was 21 or 22 and she was just 16 years old. that's like almost half a lifetime... About our friendship, whatever said is less. I have nothing to hide about her. when you mention her name, my face lights up... (laughs). it is simple as that. Now, when I say things like that, if you want to read into it, then it's your point of view... To me, she is a beautiful person, and a beautiful friend. She always will be.

You never clarify any of the newer rumors either. whether it's your friendship with Anushka, you mentoring Poonam Kaur or supposedly promoting Charmee - you never speak out against anything. And your silence is taken for acceptance. is there nothing you want to say to them?
I'm just amused, I laugh about it in the morning when I have a cup of coffee. When I read something in gossip columns, i say, 'Charmee? Omg! she's so young...' Honestly, you mentioned three people here -Anushka, Charmee and Poonam Kaur. They all did their early films with me. We did a screen test with anushka, and since then she's become part of the family... my parents love her so much. she is a lovely girl. Charmee did "mass" with me. It went on to become a huge hit, and from then onwards, she looks up to me. She calls me "Money" because I gave her the first big pay cheque she ever got. she calls me if she's doing anything new and says, 'I'm doing this, does it sound okay?', 'I am looking for an apartment here, is it okay?' So then they say Nag is buying her an apartment - but that's okay, it's really okay. just because of that I don't want to stop my friendship with any of them. I enjoy their company, i need friends. come on, we need a break, we can't keep working all the time. Poonam kaur was in "gaganam" and she didn't have a single frame with me in that film. nobody thinks about those things. She is a nice girl, i say 'hello, hi, how are you doing', give her a hug, that's natural. i'm not going to stop all that just because I'm going to be written about.

Does it ever get to you?
You know, it's all okay as long as it's fun and games. But when they write about Anushka and me, and then they write about Anushka and my son (Naga Chaitanya) - now, that's a nasty thing. that's what I call nasty journalism. That's one thing that upsets me, I don't like it.

But you still don't react to it...
It's below my dignity, I don't want to give it that kind of importance by even acknowledging it.

Each time a new gossip is churned out, how does your family react to it?
I think we have better things to talk about. we don't even think about it. I'm 50 plus now, and i don't think i need to bother about it. At my age, it's not done anymore. I have a 25-year-old boy, i don't think we say 'they wrote something about you and dad today'. I don't think any indian family talks about things like that...

In spite of everything that's written and said, is Nag a family man?
Yeah, I love my family. i don't think there is life without a family. for me that's the most important thing. My wife Amala is the anchor in my life. i don't think i can live without her, or do any of this without her. She is like my friend, my mother, my wife - you call her anything and she'll be that for me. And I have wonderful sons. I am very, very proud of both of them.

What's Amala's equation with the girls you've been linked with?
Well, they are all her best friends... and that is the best part. everybody, every single one of them is her best friend. in fact, they talk to her more than they talk to me...

Are you an anxious dad - now that Chaitanya has started his career...
Of course, i'm very anxious. i feel the same emptiness if his film flops, like when his last film didn't do well, i was very empty. he consoles me in fact... he says, 'i'm alright, are you? if his film is a hit, I am happy...

How involved are you in his movies?
I am not very involved... He's old enough to take his own decisions. It's difficult to use your own experience to guide someone unless you are hands on, and i don't have the time to be hands-on. May be if he's stuck somewhere, he does turn to me. But that's more about the release date or something going wrong with a film. Never about which script to pick or how to act.

What about advice related to link-ups and rumors?
Well, his first tryst with bad press was when he was doing his first film "josh". Someone had written about him having an affair with someone or getting drunk or some such thing... It got him worked up all night. When I woke up at 5:45 am, he was up and waiting for me. He asked me what will happen now, what to do about it. I told him, 'you wanted to be an actor, you are going to become one, so from now on, this will be life. I'll give you this advice just once in your life. The more popular you get, the more this will happen. So never ask me about it again.' I think he took that advice very seriously... Since that day, he laughs about these things.

Even at the story of his engagement with Anushka?
Yes, that too. He was shooting in switzerland when that rumor spread. I called him up early morning and said, 'hey, you got engaged to anushka last night and you didn't even tell me...' He said, "Woahh, really...' and laughed aloud. I called anushka too and we all had a good laugh.

Chaitanya, we hear, is set to move out of your house...
Yes, chai wants to move out by the end of this year... he should. this is the best part of his life, let him enjoy. He is a young, successful bachelor. This is the time to enjoy his independence... i keep asking him, 'what are you doing at home with me... i need my privacy...' He wants to move out, but wants his food and laundry and everything to be done at my place. (laughs...)

Did chaitanya's entry into films change your choice of films? you can't be seen doing the same kind of films offered to to him after all...
Yes, I have to keep that in mind always and I've noticed that automatically even the directors are conscious about it... It had to happen, i can see it happening... For instance, the other day, they wanted me to say a dialogue which was like "i'm in love with you..." i read it and looked at them. they looked at me and they realized this is not going to work... not just for me, but even for the audience, for the film... they realized then that the same thing can be said in a different way.

Your "damarukam" is a socio-fantasy; "rajanna" is a periodical; and you have a devotional film "Shirdi sai baba". Do you seek out roles with a difference, or have they stopped giving you romantic roles?
Like I said, I think I'd be stupid or foolish if I think I can still run around trees and romance girls. I am beyond that age... I would look very bad doing that. It's not right. (laughs). Yes, people do come and tell me 'yeah you can still do it...' and I tell them "no, you can't do it... it's not done, it's over... the time is over'. I have to look at different kinds of scripts that suit my personality and my age... When people look at me on screen, it should be believable. Yes, Tollywood is still about make-belief, but somewhere you have to have some sanity in that. you can't become completely insane...

There are critics who feel you are too seasoned, too set in a particular image, to be experimenting so much at this stage in your career...
Doing different kinds of roles is a very conscious decision and it is part of my personality. I have always been this way. I get bored of doing the same things, i like novelty. it's been this way, since the early stages of my film career... I took that conscious decision from "Gitanjali". Before that, I used to listen to people around me. i used to think this is the only way to wear clothes or this is the only way to do your make-up or there's only one way to act... Then I told myself, 'no, there's something wrong. this is not me.' With "gitanjali", i made my own decisions... ever since, i've been doing things my way. In fact, most of my huge hits have happened because I took such risks, and followed my heart - be it in terms of story or director.

When an actor leaves his 40s behind, there comes a sense of urgency to quickly do whatever comes his way... That urge to realize all his acting ambitions... do you have any left?
No, not really. Fortunately, i have always had different kinds of roles coming my way. And as for ambitions, I never had any in terms of the roles i have to do. But I love doing mythological roles. i love to play krishna, arjuna... I loved my roles in "annamaya", "ramadasu". I have grown up watching ANR and NTR movies... I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I do believe in that higher power even though you may not always find me going to temples.

25-odd years is a long time, no matter which line of work you are in. And you come from a family that's almost like the first family of tollywood - almost everyone from the Akkineni clan is into cinema. Was there a point in life where you felt there is just too much cinema around you? A time when you wanted to break away from it all...?
Our family has been into the business of movies for 70 years. But then again, it doesn't really feel that long. we don't bring work home. neither my father did, nor do I. Of course, there have been times when I said enough, and wanted to escape... the only thing i need to do then is take a break. But within 15 days, I want to get back to it all...

Movie star is just one aspect of your personality. You seem to have your finger in every pie when it comes to business - media, hospitality, education. Is it the money that drives you?
Generally, i would not do anything that would make me lose money, yes. But more than money, it is the passion for something that makes me take it up as a business. I am involved in the things I do from the time I wake up till the time I hit the bed. Only saturdays i set aside to let myself indulge and be a lil' decadent... Otherwise I am passionately working throughout.

What's one venture that's closest to your heart?
I like the hospitality part of my business the most - wining and dining and letting people have a good time. That's close to my heart. But then again, there's this new Film Academy we started. that was always my father's dream, but I told him to hold on till we could start it in a big way. By 2020, we will need at least 3 million trained professionals in film and media. And the truth is we hardly have any trained people here. We want to make ours a degree course and I am very passionate about it.

Surely all this can't be the work of a one-man army?
No, no...I have a strong support system. There's a little bit of family and friends involved, but I mostly depend on professionals. I have a lot of close friends who are business partners... they are all experts at their own thing... i look at it all from a superficial level.

Will Nagarjuna, the businessman, do away with Nag the actor, say, in the next decade or so?
I don't know, let's see. I've always had multiple interests. I knew being a film star is not something that will last forever... Yes, that's the truth even though people say 'But you are Nagarjuna'. So what? nothing lasts forever.

Loving My Sexy Avatar: Sonal Sehgal

Loving My Sexy Avatar: Sonal Sehgal

Sonal Sehgal has kicked away her sedate, serene image for good. As the pretty gal gears up to sizzle at the 70mm screen looking like a diva in Himesh Reshammiya starreer- Damadamm, Sonal says boo to boring, and dons the glam avatar with aplomb.

Oomph is wow!
The lady, who has already given an inkling of the things to come in her sweltering item number Umrao Jaan of Damadamm, says without any inhibition: "Till date I have played the good gal in films like Aashayein, Jaane Kahan Se aayi Hai and Radio. But, I am loving my sexy avatar in Damadamm now. I play the other woman, who completely floors Himesh with her chilled-out viewpoint and oomph quotient, and is in sharp contrast with his seedhi-saadhi wife. I know I look sizzling hot in the movie and I am sure audience will love this makeover of mine!"

Stork can wait!
When she is all ready to sizzle, ask her when is the stork visiting, and Sonal says with a throaty chuckle: "My husband Naresh Kamath is very busy as the bass guitarist of Kailash Kher's band, and I am also enjoying my stint in Bollywood. So, stork will have to wait for a while. Later, we definitely have plans to welcome a baby in our world!"

Vellore Maavattam (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Vellore Maavattam (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Cast :
  • Nandha as Muthukumar IPS
  • Poorna as Vidhya
  • Azhagam Perumal as Gurumurthy
  • Santhanam as Kumaravelu
  • Jayaprakash
  • G. M. Kumar
  • Singamuthu
  • Mayilsamy
  • Sathyan Sivakumar
  • Vaiyapuri
  • Alex
Directed by : R. N. R. Manohar
Produced by : Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh, Kalpathi S. Suresh
Screenplay by : R. N. R. Manohar
Story by : R. N. R. Manohar
Singers : Senthuil Das, Manikka Vinayagam, Navven Madhav, Maanasa, Malgudi Subha, Hariharan, Shruthi, Krish, Mahathi, Shaan, Anitha, Martyn
Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar, Kavivarman, Thamarai, Ezhil Arasu, Viveka
Music by : Sundar C Babu
Cinematography : Vetri
Editing by : Suraj Kavee
Studio : AGS Entertainment
Distributed by : AGS Entertainment

The politician-cop-criminal nexus takes yet another form in Vellore Maavattam. An honest, gutsy cop's effort to break the nexus and cleanse the city of the criminal elements, forms the core of the plot. It's a familiar scenario, with no effort at novelty by way of script or narration.

Director Manohar( of Masilamani) has tried to spring a few surprises in the story. But it's nothing that we haven't come across before. And it all gives a sense of déja vu.

Nandha has put in a good effort and it's evident throughout the film. He plays the role of an angry young cop. His grim no nonsense demeanour, and his whole body language and expressions, go well with the character of Muthukumar, an IPS officer. The cop,after his training, has been given his first posting at Vellore. Within a short time, he gains the confidence of the public, addressing their various grievances and meting out justice to the wrong-doers.

The kingpin of criminal elements is Gurumurthy (Perumal), a front for minister Nachiappan (debutant Neelakantan), who has a hand in every criminal activity around the place.

Ticked off by his superiors, and humiliated by the duo, a frustrated Muthukumar, at one point, even hands over his resignation. How Muthukumar bounces back after a near fatal assault and achieves his goal, forms the rest of the story. There is this scene where after suffering public humiliation at Gurumurthy's hands, an inebriated Muthukumar pours out his woes to wife Priya (Poorna). Nandha has honed his acting skills over the years, and the confident way in which he has handled this scene is evidence of that.

Poorna is totally deglamourised here. After the initial scenes of romance with the hero, she has less to do as his wife. Santhanam's comedy is totally out of place and jarring. One can pick out a few interesting moments in the film - like the one where after a shoot out at the court, Muthukumar warns Gurumurthy to be wary of his mentor and Gurumurthy nearly escaping a death trap. The cop handpicking his own team, and the betrayals he faces from some of them, are predictable 'surprises'. For the audience, Vellore Maavattam offers nothing that they haven't seen before!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sadhurangam (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Sadhurangam (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Cast :
  • Srikanth as Thirupathisamy
  • Sonia Agarwal as Sandhya
  • Ganesh Yadav
  • Mahadevan
  • Ilavarasu
  • Bose Venkat
  • Manobala
  • Saranya Ponvannan
  • Manivannan
  • Sriman
  • Vinodhini
Directed by : Karu Pazhaniappan
Produced by : S. S. Durairaj
Written by : Karu Pazhaniappan
Music by : Vidyasagar
Cinematography : R. Divakaran
Editing by : Suresh Urs

The long wait is over. Director Karu Pazhaniappan’s Sadhurangam has finally hit the halls after five years of waiting. Thankfully the movie looks latest though it has come late!.

Karu Pazhaniappan was working as a journalist before entering into the cine field. He has used his experience and in-depth knowledge in journalistic field in making this movie. The director, who is known for making films with a different idea hasn’t disappointed us. He has chosen to tell us the life of a bold journalist. He has done this with an engaging script.

The basic premise of the story may not be new (the eternal fight between the good and evil). But Karu has chosen a different backdrop and worked meticulously to present it with a different flavor.

The storyline goes like this: Thirupathisamy (Srikanth) is an investigative journalist in a Tamil weekly. His investigative reports and articles expose the corrupt politicians and the nexus between politicians and the business people. He also exposes the horrible status of the jails. His works create awareness and political problem. The persons affected by him woes to take revenge.

Meanwhile he falls for Indhu (Sonia Agarwal), a college student, who also likes him so much. They decide to get married but someone plays havoc in Thiru’s life. Indhu is mysteriously abducted before they get engaged.

Clueless Thiru gets raged and desperate to find his lover. He gets some lead through a phone call. His brain work and the power of fist manage to save the girl.

Karu Pazhaniappan talks about the challenges faced by a journalist, who wants to tell the truth without bothering about the consequences. The nuances of journalism are depicted in a realistic manner. The pleasant love story – a stamp of Karu – has also been told without diluting the storyline.

Pithamagan Mahadevan’s character is a surprise, as the person chooses to help the hero despite being affected by him. Karu has shown that a person with questionable reputation in his business need not be a bad person in all aspects. Karu shows Indhu’s unhappiness over the ‘unromantic’ nature Thiru. This reflects the impact of the one’s obsession towards his profession. Anyone who takes his profession with a missionary zeal is likely to lose some charm in his or her personal life. Karu has beautifully shown this in the depiction of the love affair between Thiru and Indhu. These two segments show his maturity as a creator.

Pazhaniappan’s dialogues are sharp. He takes on everything including the media.

However, the kidnap drama could have been handled better. The clichéd climax is a big letdown.

Srikanth’s powerful performance is the major strength of the movie. Sonia Agarwal has handled the romantic girl with some maturity well. Pithamagan Mahadevan, Ganesh Yadav, Bose Venkat, Manivanan, Sriman, Saranya Ponvannan have added value to the movie. Ilavarasu’s character provides some fun.

Vidyasagar’s songs have flair and the song Vizhiyum Vizhiyum sounds good. But the placement of the song mars the impact.

Overall, Karu Pzhaniappan’s Sadhurangam has come out as a neat movie depicting the life of a young and bold journalist. The movie would have been an excellent one had Karu paid more attention on the pace in the second half, the kidnap drama and the climax.

Watch it for Karu’s presentation.

Raa Raa (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Raa Raa (2011) - Tamil Movie Review

Cast :
  • Udhaya as Bharathi
  • Shweta Basu Prasad as Gayathri
  • Ponvannan as Shivashankaran
  • Adithya as Dhana
  • Sathyan Sivakumar
  • Meera Krishnan
  • Susan George
Directed by : Sandilya
Produced by : Keerthika Udhaya
Screenplay by : Sandilya
Story by : Sandilya
Music by : Srikanth Deva
Cinematography : R. Saravanan
Editing by : S. Surajkavee
Studio : Jaeshan Studios

It might not be in the league of Madras to Pondicherry but despite its strange little title, Royapuram to Royapettai as a movie doesn’t fail you in many counts. For one, the title is delightfully suggestive of the movie’s story. And then the actors play their parts almost flawlessly without further ado. Add to that an unpretentious story and a near cliché less narrative; you get nothing less of a wining combination. Here’s one more small-timer movie that does not solely depend on the star power but only on the strength of its story and the vigor of its actors’ performance.

Royapuram to Royapettai is a simplistic love story about two people with background that is so disparate, it’s seemingly impossible for them to unite in marriage. But if they give up, where is the story for us? So they do, not before trying their best leaving no stone unturned to convince the hard-nosed, orthodox father, often conning him into believing lies about the background. Although the story reeks of good old masala movies, the director has consciously stayed away from being typecast.

Udaya is from an orthodox family, whose father Ponvannan lives by Thirukkural and the conventional principles dictated by his Brahmin clan. When Udaya falls for Shreya Basu who hails from a fishermen village, no less, all hell breaks loose. However, the couple decides to play it cool and win over the orthodox father’s heart. Do they do it is what Royapuram to Royapettai is all about.

As you can see, the script has immense potential for comedy and it’s being fully exploited. For instance, the scenes where Ponvannan is invited to the girl’s house and everybody pretends to belong to a Brahmin household. Their crude Tamil peeps in between their put up Brahmin accent and you end up smiling without a choice when the actors put up an earnest performance. And the comedy seems quite natural and not contrived. In the same breadth, when Shreya Basu’s family tries and learns Thirukkural to appease the likes of Ponvannan, it’s side-splitting.

Although Udaya as the unfortunate youngster who falls for a girl whose family is totally unlike his, delivers his role as is required, it’s Ponvannann who takes the cake for donning the role of a tough, orthodox dad with a dark past. The Thirukkural fanatic who also dictates terms at his house is also a mellow man at heart. He after all wants the best for his children. None of these emotions can be brought out this effectively by anyone other than Ponvannan. Shreya Basu is a cutey pie but she will need lessons in dialogue delivery if she wants to stick around for longer.

First half of the movie revolves in comic indulgence. Scenes of Udaya’s falling in love with Shreya, the meet up of the families and so on and so forth keep the pace of the movie. Director Santilya has efficiently laced comedy and drama and it works to an extent. Srikanth Deva has turned to melody here and the song featuring Thirukkural is a winner.

Royapuram to Royapettai is a family entertainer to put it in plain words. It has everything going for it – excuse the slackening pace during the second half and the negligible clichés – for a neat commercial entertainer, and it might not be a bad idea to spend an afternoon over the movie.

Verdict: Family comic drama!

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Saqib Saleem as Vishal
  • Saba Azad as Preity
  • Nishant Dahiya as Rahul
  • Tara D’Souza as Malvika
  • Keshav Sunder as Akash
  • Prabal Panjabi as Hacky
Directed by : Nupur Ashtana
Produced by : Ashish Patil
Screenplay by : Rajesh Narasimhan, Anvita Dutt Guptan
Music by : Raghu Dixit
Studio : Y-Films

The idea of social networking sites has taken a new turn with Facebook. It not only keeps you in touch with your buddies but also introduces you to new friends. Not only this I actually I have a friend whose cousin met her going to be husband via Facebook. The best thing about these sites is that one does not have to reveal his/her identity to start the talks with someone. Facebook not only introduces you to new people but also gives you an idea of persons day to-day wishes via their status updates.

Mujhse Fraandship Karoge is based on this same context where newbies Saqib Saleem (as Vishal), Saba Azad (as Preity), Nishant Dahiya (as Rahul) and Tara D'Souza (as Malvika) play the protagonists. Story takes a turn when shy Preity falls for Rahul, guy with huge fan following and Shy Guy Vishal Falls for Pretty Malvika. Liking someone is way easier than telling that person on the face and the easiest way out is Social Networking where you can pretend to be whosoever, thats the same idea that Preity & Vishal decide and come in talks with Rahul & Malvika. Now the Big Questions come; Is Preity & Vishal actually chatting with Rahul & Malvika or even the person on other side is pretending to be someone else? Secondly, what affect can this changing identities idea have on their personal lives?

MFK under the banner of YRF totally depends on their crisp script and new faces for its success. It is said that MFKs Star cast went under 1 month training before they started working for the movie and honestly it worked well for them. The movie deals with the idea of faking identities on Facebook and what effect can it have on your personal life.

Starring new faces and giving them proper training to get comfortable in their roles had actually given a fresh appeal to the flick. Having runtime of less than 2 hours and no extra dose of melodrama, gets full marks. Peppy sound track matching the pace of the movie is brilliant. So, in short Mujhse Fraandship Karoge with its fresh appeal is a good watch for this weekend.

Delhi Belly (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Delhi Belly (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Imran Khan as Tashi Dorjee Lhatoo
  • Kunaal Roy Kapur as Nitin Beri
  • Vir Das as Arup
  • Poorna Jagannathan as Menaka
  • Shenaz Treasurywala as Sonia
  • Vijay Raaz as somyajulu (gangster)
  • Paresh Ganatra as Manish Chand Jain
  • Raju Kher as Zubin Mehra
  • Rahul Singh as Rajeev Khanna
  • Rahul Pendkalkar as Prateek Jain
  • Pradeep Kabra as Brajesh
  • Lushin Dubey as Sonia's Mother
  • Rajendra Sethi as the Jeweller
  • Shilpa Mehta as Tashi's Mother
  • Anusha Dandekar as VJ Soniya
  • Aamir Khan as Disco Fighter (Special Appearance)
  • Sona Mohapatra as Stage Singer (Cameo in the song 'Bedardi Raja')
  • Kim Bodnia as Vladimir
  • Bugs Bhargava as Swapan Bannerjee
  • Mansee Desshmukh as Ritu Kohli
  • Zafar Karachiwala as Vivek Uniyal
  • Ramesh Kannaa as Mr. Kohli
  • Ashraf Ul Haq as Tito
Directed by : Abhinay Deo
Produced by : Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Ronnie Screwvala, Jim Furgele
Story by : Akshat Verma
Singers : Keerthi Sagathia, Shazneen Arethna, Sona Mohapatra, Aamir Khan, Ram Sampath, Tarannum Mallik, Chetan Shashital, Suraj Jagan
Lyricist : Amitabh Bhattacharya, Munna Dhiman, Ram Sampath, Akshat Verma, Chetan Shashital
Music by : Ram Sampath
Cinematography : Jason West
Editing by : Huzefa Lokhandwala
Distributed by : Aamir Khan Productions, UTV Motion Pictures

Director Abhinay Deo and producer Aamir Khan’s gleeful experiment in "Hangover"-caliber humor Indian-style delivers the laughs, and young stars.

UNION CITY, Calif. -- Its theme song, “Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose,” has already become a rebellious anthem for young Indians giddy about the expletive hidden in its lyrics.

And the first three minutes of Delhi Belly make it clear that this is not a family film: Viewers bothered by butt cracks, the F-word, simulated cunnilingus and rude behavior in burqas are advised to spend their rupees elsewhere.

But director Abhinay Deo and producer Aamir Khan’s gleeful experiment in Hangover-caliber humor delivers the laughs, and its young stars, including Khan’s nephew, A-lister Imran Khan, rise to the challenge.

The film, which is in English with a bit of subtitled Hindi dialogue, has already become a sensation in India. Now its appeal to open-minded audiences in the diaspora — and to curious viewers anywhere ready for a film that shows India in an irreverent post-Slumdoglight — seems assured.

The highjinks start when a Russian criminal gives Sonia (Shenaz Treasury of One Life to Live), a comely air hostess, a packet of contraband for her to courier. Sonia asks her boyfriend, journalist Tashi (Khan), to deliver it, but sight unseen, the lazy Tashi hands it off to his roommate Arup (Vir Das, in a sparkling comic performance), who in turn carelessly passes it along to another roommate, Nitin (Kunaal Roy Kapoor).

On the way to make the delivery, the pudgy Nitin is distracted by a streetside tandoori chicken stand of dubious hygienic standards; his ensuing Delhi belly unleashes a domino effect of misunderstandings and mistaken identities — the characters soon learn that it’s unwise to mix up one’s stool sample with a million-dollar packet of black market diamonds.

Delhi Belly’s supporting cast sparkles in smaller roles, especially Vijay Raaz as an exasperated crime boss surrounded by incompetents and New York-based actress Poorna Jagannathan as Tashi’s problematically sexy coworker.

Akshat Verma’s script is peppered with one-liners bound to become buzzwords: At the sight of a tiny Santro mini car, one character observes: “When a donkey %$#@s a rickshaw, this is what you get.”

But the script is also grounded in the realities of life in New and Old Delhi: running water that works for just two hours a day, infuriating traffic snarls, a dowry, overcrowded living conditions and the difficulty in finding a nice place to take a poo.

Where actor-turned-producer Aamir Khan’s previous two high profile releases, Peepli [Live] and Dhobi Ghat, seemed self-consciously targeted at film festivals or foreign audiences, Delhi Bellyis pure Indian. Producer (and screen superstar) Khan’s only misstep is in a comic cameo song at the end of the film: he overstays his welcome, when a momentary glimpse would have had more impact.

The soundtrack by Ram Sampath is top-notch, especially in the way he uses the hit “DK Bose” song and other Indian rock pieces to fuel the action, and cinematographer Jason West aptly captures the chaos.

By the end of the film, the bad guys (and girls) have all gone down in flames, while the good guy gets the girl. Happily, that’s one convention from Indian cinema that’s here to stay.

Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011

Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011
Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011
Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011 Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011
Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011
Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011
Kajal Agarwal on FHM India Magazine September 2011

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bbuddah... Hoga Terra Baap (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Bbuddah... Hoga Terra Baap (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Vijju Malhotra
  • Raveena Tandon as Kamini
  • Prakash Raj as Kabir
  • Hema Malini as Sita
  • Sonal Chauhan as Tanya
  • Charmy Kaur as Amrita
  • Sonu Sood as ACP Karan Malhotra
  • Makrand Deshpande as Mac
  • Vishwajeet Pradhan as Sub-Inspector Shindey
Directed by : Puri Jagannadh
Produced by : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Story by : Puri Jagannadh
Singers : Amitabh Bachchan, Monali Thakur, Shekhar Ravjiani, Sunidhi Chauhan, Abhishek Bachchan, Vishal Dadlani
Lyricist : Anvita Dutt Guptan, Vishal Dadlani, Swanand Kirkire
Music by : Vishal-Shekhar
Cinematography : Amol Rathod
Editing by : Shekhar
Distributed by : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, A B Corp

Folklore has it that wherever the Big B stands, the queue begins. It’s time to queue up for a film that reads like a running commentary on the Bachchan legend. Blessed are the generations that get to see India’s most iconic and enduring screen-hero play a variation on all his most cherished roles.

And then some more. To the angry Vijay persona that the Big B created through those brilliantly-written films of Salim-Javed in the 1970 and 80s, the actor still sprightly enough to make all the bachcha-log of Bollywood look like performing midgets, adds dollops of wry cynicism that goes well with our times.

Make no mistake Telugu cinema’s most successful director Puri Jagannath is not just a Bachchan fan. He’s also a master storyteller. To the mix ‘n’ match tale of an Angry Young Man’s journey into his advancing years of unrelenting lividness and self-mockery, Puri brings a crackling contemporary commitment to telling a story that has no room for humbug…only space for hectic hijinks.

Written with supersonic dexterity, the screenplay races through numbered days in the life of a Paris-returned gangster who is called back to Mumbai by a gangster with a serious concentration problem (Prakash Raj) to finish off a particularly troublesome cop(Sonu Sood).

It’s a skilfully written yarn that doesn’t stray into the yawn zone for even a second. Every character, even the relatively minor ones like the Bachchan’s landlady who keeps jabbering to an unseen husband in Dubai, adds a sheen of zing to the shindig. Though the narration seems to leap before it looks, the director actually manages to create a controlled atmosphere of plot development within the chaos of Mumbai’s streets clogged with scampering gangsters, cops and their minions.

Jagannath Puri displays a fabulous flair for the funny and the ferocious. The comic scenes contour the mega-star’s proclivity to laugh at himself and the self-important world around him comprising gangsters, collegians, cops and other on-the-move urbanites. Vishal-Shekhar’s austerely-used music creates evolved rhythms for the Bachchan persona. You can’t miss the insistent beat.

As for the action, the camera (Amol Rathod) moves to the rhythm of the Big B’s super-controlled body language creating for the assorted villains a kind of disembodied dynamism that we see in a far cruder avatar in the South, in the cinema of Rajnikanth.

Here, it is the Big B at work. And boy, that does mean something, doesn’t it! The iconic super-hero maneouvres through his tailormade role with a devastating dexterity, creating a celluloid combustion that leaves a trail of smoking guns, screaming tyres and satiated expectations that audiences felt and experienced in the heydays of the Bachchan Raj.

The reign never ends…thank God for small mercies! “Buddah…Hoga Tera Baap” offers a pleasurable romp into the star-power of the Big B. The rapport that his character builds up through some lovely actresses of several generations (Hema Malini, Raveena Tandon, Sonal Chauhan, Charmee) is so bloody robust and funny, you are left wondering how much of the sly subtle foxy flirtatiousness comes from the star and how much of it was there in the screenplay.

Undoubtedly well-written and directed with sure-handedness that cannot hide Puri Jagannath’s boundless admiration for the Bachchan phenomenon, “Bbuddah…Hoga Tera Baap” is one of those garam-masala products that’s far clever than the outward flamboyance of the main character and execution suggest.

Cut through the blizzard of bravura that the Big B projects so insouciantly and at heart this is an emotional father-son story. See how cleverly the director moves from a kind of italicized derringdo to a clamped emotional finale…. See how skilfully the other actors support the Big B’s towering presence. Prakash Raj as the arch-villain brings a sense of madness to the proceedings while Makarand Deshpande as a quiet gangster is a glorious foil to the Big B’s repartees and rejoinders. Sonu Sood as the cop who keeps running into the old-young super-hero manages to hold his own in front of the Big B. And Raveena as the Big B’s besotted bombshell beloved from the past has herself a blast.

So do we. Right to the last frenetic shootout, we are with the director laughing cheering and saluting the star-power of this super-phenomenon named Amitabh Bachchan.

And when the Big B does a medley of all his old songs it’s time to forget that the Bbuddah has just become a grand-baap all over again. Just get up and dance to the rhythm of the Big B’s star power. Don’t waste time watching the smut. “Bbuddah…Hoga Tera Baap” is the past present and future of mainstream entertainment.

Friday, 14 October 2011

My Friend Pinto (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

My Friend Pinto (2011) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Prateik Babbar as Michael Pinto
  • Kalki Koechlin as Maggie
  • Arjun Mathur as Sameer
  • Shruti Seth as Suhani
  • Makrand Deshpande as Don
  • Raj Zutshi
  • Divya Dutta as Reshma
Directed by : Raaghav Dar
Produced by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ronnie Screwvala
Screenplay by : Raaghav Dar
Story by : Raaghav Dar
Music by : Ajay-Atul
Editing by : Shan Mohammed, Dipika Kalra
Distributed by : SLB Films, UTV Motion Pictures

Sanjay Leela Bhansali and UTV. Two names synonymous with qualitative films. Bhansali is a brilliant storyteller who has dealt with myriad subjects in his films. With MY FRIEND PINTO, directed by Raaghav Dar, Bhansali moves from dark and intense subjects to a light entertainer. But comedy is a tricky territory. It needs aptness, practice and of course, comic timing or else, the magic cannot be observed on screen. That's where MY FRIEND PINTO falters and falters badly.

MY FRIEND PINTO tries so hard to be a crazy roller coaster ride. The character of Michael Pinto, portrayed by Prateik, bears similarities to the iconic characters played by Charlie Chaplin and Raj Kapoor. But what comes across is an exercise in vain. The film stands on a waferthin plot and to make matters worse, the film tries so very hard to tickle your funny bone. But falls flat on its face!

Michael Pinto [Prateik] has grown up in a small Goan village, believing everyone in the world to be simple, kind and honest, just like him. When Pinto's idyllic world is shattered by the sudden demise of his mother, he decides to head to Mumbai in search of the only friend [Arjun Mathur] he knows. What happens next?

MY FRIEND PINTO suffers on various counts. First of all, it is hard to believe that someone can be so naïve in today's times. Even if one were to believe that Pinto is indeed the 'innocent' one, the film is packed with ridiculous situations and characters that make you squirm in your seat. If the intention was to make you laugh, sorry, this film doesn't! Even the music, which has been a hallmark of Bhansali's movies, is plain mediocre this time.

Prateik fails to deliver. He tries so hard to look the congenial but not worldly wise Pinto, but doesn't succeed. Kalki is an effortless actor, but she looks disinterested here. Arjun Mathur does well. Divya Dutta is passable. Makrand Deshpande is wasted. Amin and Karim are strictly okay. Raj Zutshi is effective. Shruti Seth is alright.

On the whole, MY FRIEND PINTO is a terrible waste of a terrific opportunity!

Katrina Kaif - World's Most Searched Celebrity in Mobile

Katrina Kaif - World's Most Searched Celebrity in Mobile

Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif has turned out to be world's most searched celebrity in mobile videos, reports a latest global video insights, released by Vuclip. In fact, She has beaten American pop star Britney Spears, who has landed in the second position.

But that's not the end of our nation's pride. The top ten celebrities searched globally includes our very own Bebo, Kareena Kapoor in the fourth rank and the Dabangg girl Sonakshi Sinha in the sixth position. The report also says that Sachin Tendulkar is the most searched male celebrity in mobile videos in India.

Among the most watched clips in India, Ajay Devgn`s joke on Kangana Ranaut`s bikini shoot for the movie `Rascals` tops the list, followed by Vidya Balan`s gossip videos about `The Dirty Picture`.

Kareena Kapoor Refuses to Wear a Shiny Saree

Kareena Kapoor Refuses to Wear a Shiny Saree

Kareena Kapoor who was shooting for a TV show recently rfused to wear a shiny, bold-red sari for the event. Says a source on the sets, "The channel wanted Bebo to wear a bright saree as it was being aired during Diwali, but she flatly refused.

She explained that her beau Saif Ali Khan's dad Nawab Pataudi recently passed away and it would look really bad on her part if she dolled up for a public event when the family was in mourning.

So, Kareena asked the designer to tone down the brightness. Finally she wore a simple white silk salwar-churidar with a net duppatta and pink border." We must say here that she has worn the red sari for the Chamma Chalo song for Ra.One and we have to say that Babo has never looked better. Guess she will be back in that avataar soon when she will start the promotions for the film. Patience, till then, people.

Three Kings (2011) - Malayalam Movie Review

Three Kings (2011) - Malayalam Movie Review

Cast :
  • Kunchacko Boban as Ram
  • Jayasurya as Shankar
  • Indrajith as Bhaskar Unni Raja
  • Sandhya as Manju
  • Ann Augustine as Ranju
  • Samvrutha Sunil as Anju
  • Ashokan as Ashok Varma
  • Jagathy Sreekumar as Dinakaran
  • Salim Kumar as K. S. Prashanthan
  • Suraj Venjaramoodu
  • Sreejith Ravi as Murugappan
Directed by : V. K. Prakash
Produced by : Abdul Nazar alias Jeevan
Written by : Y. V. Rajesh
Music by : Ousepachan
Cinematography : Venu
Editing by : Mahesh Narayanan
Studio : KNM Films, Trends Adfilm Makers, Innostorm Entertainment
Distributed by : Playhouse Release

'Silsila hai silsila the song Rocked the Nation last year, comes back with the Remixed version in V.K Prakashan'S Three Kings. Silsila hai silsila is remixed by Ouseppachan and Sung by one of the lead of the movie Three Kings Jaysurya.

V.K Prakashan'S back with another Comedy riot , after the success of 'Gulumal-the escape'. Three Kings will have V.K Prakashan'S lucky charms Kuchacko Boban and Jaysurya along with the Versatile Indrajith . Ann Augustine, Kathal Sandya and Samvrutha Sunil will play the lead roles.

Three kings is the story of Three cousins born to brothers of a royal family at the same time, but the family now struggling to meet ends now. But Malayalam Movie 3 Kings Review-Story- Cast and Crewthe cousins are in search of ways to make quick money. Indrajith, who plays Bhasi, also known as Bhaskaranunniraja, who is interested Cricket is trying his luck in the cricket arena, he plans are to invest in the big cricket leagues like IPL.

Jayasuriya's character is a tele-screen actor called Sankar, whose original name is Sankaranunniraja. He consider himself as actor in the league of Mammooty and Mohan lal, he is desperate to make easy money from acting in Television Serials. Kunchacko Boban plays Ramanunniraja also known as ram in 'Three Kings' who is trying to make a fast buck by participating in various reality shows on television.

But the cousins are living in no harmony; each of them makes sure that the other never succeeds in his goal. Each makes every effort to ditch the other. Three of the cousins fail in the early attempt to make quick money.

But all of a sudden things changes, there comes a ploy to get rich, the movie proceeds with how the Three cousins execute their plans. They fall for the Rich mans played by Jagathy Sreekumar , Three daughters, actually dump daughters. Kathal' Sandhya plays Bhasi's girl friend Manju, while Ann Augustine comes up as Ranju, who has a crush on Ram. Samvrutha Sunil plays Anju who is the love of Sankar.

Ouseppachan will lend tunes to the songs of three kings, highlight being the song Silsila hai silsila, which was composed in presence of makers of the Album, Jaysurya will lend his voice for The New Silsila hai silsila, and movie will also have 4 songs other than silsila

Three kings' is scripted as a complete family entertainer by Y V Rajesh, who had earlier been with V K P for Gulumaal. Rajesh had been an associate to Shafi and Bobby -Sanjay in many of their films.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ulakam Chuttum Valiban (2011) - Malayalam Movie Review

Ulakam Chuttum Valiban (2011) - Malayalam Movie Review

Cast :
  • Jayaram as Jayashankar
  • Mithra Kurian
  • Biju Menon
  • Vandana
  • Suraj Venjaramoodu
  • Salim Kumar
Directed by : Raj Babu
Written by : Krishna Poojappura
Music by : Mohan Sithaara
Cinematography : Anandhakuttan

Ulakam Chuttum Valiban was the title of a hit Tamil film staring MGR, but now it is the title of a flop Malayalam film starring Jayaram, scripted by Krishna Poojappura and directed by Raj Babu who earlier did Chess, Kangaroo etc. The movie is based on story by Gopu babu.

Jayashankar played by Jayaram is a vegetable vendor who lives with his mother and sister Kalyani. Jayashankar gets into a financial trouble, which has a lame reason. He goes to city to meet his relative Sethu enacted by Suraj, to borrow money to straighten things up.

Padmasree Jayaram

Padmasree Jayaram should stop mocking, pretending shocked in the name of acting.

Even after 20 years into acting Jayaram is imitating himself and teasing the viewers. His expressions are getting hackneyed and audience gets haunted even after they go to their houses. This is another film with the gene of Parthan Kanda Paralokam where he does everything with out any sufficient reason and the film lacks believability. UCV proved again Jayaram’s lack of story sense.


Suraj who is flavor of the season had tried very hard in this movie but he too couldn’t help the sinking ship. Song of him imitating Rajnikanth brought appreciation. Vandana as Varsha acts as a TV channel presenter, her brother Sajan Joseph by Biju Menon is a boastful CI, who easily falls for flattery, elicits laughter.

Salim Kumar appears as a trainer for petty thieves in the film, Lalu Alex enacts IG Hameed. Also in the cast are Kalabhavan Shajon, Kottayam Nazeer, Janardhanan, Mamukoya, Pradeep Prabhakar, Kishore and Priyanka.

Technical Department

There were several good numbers in movie but the script and technical department was a big let down. Old type of takings from Ananthakuttan has affected the look of the film. Director Raj Babu delivered better in film ‘Chess’.


The film is just like an aged actress who tries to cover her age with heavy makeup but still couldn’t succeed. Poor story, film’s length, unbelievable situations, lame reasons, unwanted songs, trite villain, preaching, loose ends in story all added up its own share of disaster.

Most important thing why the film hasn’t worked out is because there was no chemistry. If the same script was done by Dileep it would have fared well. The film couldn’t replace a Dileep flick under Sibi – Udayan Script. UCV seems to wipe clean the balance from Milan Jaleel’s bank account.

Ulakam Chuttum Valiban appears to have all the ingredients of a sleeping pill and it may work for you.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I'm One Hot Girl : Lisa Haydon

I'm One Hot Girl : Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon in a candid chat with TOI

From harboring dreams of becoming an astronaut and a yoga teacher, you took up modeling and now films. What happened to the astronaut or the teacher?
Modeling didn't actually happen all of a sudden. I was 19 when a friend suggested that I should try modeling. I did and approached an agency, and offers started pouring in. Then modeling led to films. I wouldn't say I am an actor by chance because while in school in Australia, I participated in skits and learned acting. So, acting has been in me since childhood. Of course, I still want to be a yoga teacher, may be some time later. Even now, I would say yoga is part of my life as I practise it. But on the bigger scene, it's films for now.

Even in films, do you think you are mostly seen as this hot girl, a kind of sex symbol, more than anything else?
Well, there is no denying that I am one hot girl! If, people think I am hot and sexy, it's fine. However, it is incorrect to attach just this 'sex symbol' tag to me because I am more than just that. I believe with more films, when people see more of my work than anything else, perceptions will change. And I will be glad when it does change.

You are just two films old and you are already making noise. Is it because you have been a supermodel and have stepped into Bollywood?
May be, yes. I have done well in modeling. I have a name, touchwood. So, yes, I know I am kind of well-known.

You have an accent as you have spent most part of your life in Australia. Working in Bollywood requires one to get his/her Hindi correct. Even Katrina Kaif faces flak in this department. Have you ever encountered criticism of the same?
Yes, I have. People who have commented on my accent are not wrong. I mean, if Katrina Kaif is criticized for her accent, why would I be spared? If I am working in the Hindi film industry, it only makes sense that I get the language right. And I am working towards it. I have been taking Hindi lessons for the past three years and have been working on my diction for the past one year, ever since I did "Aisha".

With so many stars around waiting to make an impression, have you planned your career to get a foothold in the industry?
To be honest, I am not the kind of person to plan things in advance. So, I haven't really planned or strategized anything to remain in the industry. I just want to concentrate on my abilities, stay positive and believe that with my hard work, I will do well here. I have done just two films as of now. I need to learn and grow. Acting is an ever evolving process, and I am learning to imbibe it. In due time, I am sure my positivity will pay off.

Beauty is usually not associated with brains. Comment ...
Well, first, it is ridiculous to not associate beauty with brains. Whoever says so, needs a reality check. There are so many beauties with brains and there are so many not-so-good-looking people who don't have brains. What's the connection then?

When you have stars taking note of hands and legs instead of your acting skill, how does it make you feel? (The recent one being Sanjay Dutt reportedly staring at your legs at an event)
It again is ridiculous, you know, to say such things. I wouldn't be able to answer this question simply because nothing of this sort has happened to me. I don't think Sanjay (Dutt) was staring at my legs, no! Some people just assumed he was. You see, something of this sort has to happen to me first to tell you what it feels like. All the actors I have worked with so far are gentlemen. They have a family and it's not right to assume things like this and publicize them.

Are you also looking down South for work?
Yes, why not? If something interesting comes my way, I would love to take it up.

Interesting as in?
As in action. I love action films and I want to do my own stunts in a film. I am sure I will be good at it. I also want to do a comedy. It's fun trying different genres.

Violin (2011) - Malayalam Movie Review

Violin (2011) - Malayalam Movie Review

Cast :
  • Asif Ali as Aby
  • Nithya Menon as Angel
  • Lakshmi Ramakrishnan as Annie
  • Reena Basheer as Mercy
  • Vijayaraghavan
  • Jagathy Sreekumar
  • Sreejith Ravi
  • Chembil Asokan
Directed by : Sibi Malayil
Produced by : AOPL Entertainment
Written by : Viju Ramachandran
Music by : Bijibal, Anand Raj Anand
Cinematography : Manoj Pillai
Editing by : Bijith Bala
Studio : AOPL Entertainment
Distributed by : APOL Cinemas Release through Lal Release

Siby Malayil sure has seen better times. Violin, the latest film from the director that hit the screens this week, has an airless and stagy feel that makes it quickly topple downhill. It looks glossy all right, but the melodrama that unfolds is depthless and adheres to the Fort Cochin Movie Rulebook with all sincerity.

The lives of Angel (Nithya Menon) and her two aunts Annie (Lakshmi Ramakrishnan) and Mercy (Reena Basheer) are transformed, when Abey (Asif Ali) walks in, as their tenant. After a bout of initial resistance from Angel, romance strikes, and the two fall in love.

The obviousness that mars the script plays spoil sport time and again. There is absolutely nothing in this film that you wouldn't be able to foretell. It's almost as if the entire sequence falls into place as you have in your mind already. Where are the surprises?

Films set in Fort Cochin run the huge risk of falling into a cliché cavern and disappearing without a trace. Violin doesn't escape this danger at all. Everything from the costumes, the ambience, the conversations and the smell of a rusty lineage are maintained without fail.

And then towards the end, the story finally moves a little bit away from your plans, and you think that finally things are going to look up. Sad, because in no time you realize that predictability was better. The last fifteen minutes stretch on and on without no sense whatsoever, which makes the climax of the film a big let-down.

I have always wondered why the Violin is seen as an icon of despair in Malayalam films. Haven't we come across any number of scenes where a character plays a melancholic tune on the violin, for one last time before he blows himself off or somebody else? What has the Violin actually done to deserve this miserable fate?

The three women have been living alone for quite a while, and looks like the rest of the world is plotting against them. So they spend their lives baking cakes, going to church, and hoping for better days ahead. And to add further anguish to the despondent scene, there is the Violin as well, that Angel keeps playing every now and then, as if to ensure that they are neck-deep in trouble.

Even as things stand, I wouldn't mind watching bits and pieces of Violin once more, and the reason is Asif Ali. The charm that he fills up into the character of Abey is absolutely endearing, and this is easily one of Asif's best performances. Nithya Menon is equally good, though she has two totally strong contenders in Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Reena Basheer. A special pat on the back for the talented Abhishek Raveendran as well, for bringing in some mirth into the proceedings.

That song that goes 'Ente Mohangalellaam..' set to tune by Anand Raj Anand is out of this world.

Violin is old fashioned to the core. It sticks to conventions and keeps you hoping that some discovery is about to be made. Unfortunately, nothing of the sort happens, and you walk out of the theatre lamenting the film's downfall.