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Lekha Washington has a Blast

Lekha Washington has a Blast

Lekha Washington sure knows how to balance work and fun. The actor was recently in Pune for a music festival that saw artists like British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, Raghu Dixit and bands like Indian Ocean, Swarathma, Mother Jane, Pentagram, perform over three days.

Lekha says that she was at the festival to give her inputs on design. "Both the organizers are very close friends and they wanted me to design the four stages," she says.

Lekha, who was present for all three days of the festival, caught up with all her old friends. "Apart from Vinay and Dhruv (the organizers of the concert), Vasu from Swarathma is an ex-classmate of mine. His brother Raghu Dixit is a good friend. So the festival was more like a reunion for me," she says.

Quiz her about the gigs she enjoyed the most and she says, "I enjoyed the performances of Basement Jaxx, Ankur Tiwari, Raghu Dixit and even Imogen Heap. Strangely, though, not everyone enjoyed her performance." Team BT

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