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No hero roles right now: Santhanam

No hero roles right now: Santhanam

Despite receiving several offers to play the solo lead, Santhanam says that he is content playing a comedian

Despite most of his previous flicks being big blockbusters, comedian Santhanam says he's content doing what he's doing right now. While there many offers of playing a solo hero knocking on his doors, the comedian says that he would rather concentrate on his current projects right now.

"I am getting quite a lot of offers to do films as a hero but right now, I don't think I should take that route. There were even offers to do remakes of successful Telugu films like Maryada Ramanna.... They would have suited me, but I have been fairly successful playing a comedian and I would rather like to continue in this vein.

Also, I don't have the time right now to concentrate on a solo hero project," he explains. Santhanam is happy with the response to the teasers of Oru Kal Oru Kannadi (OKOK), his third collaboration with director Rajesh with whom he earlier worked for Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS) and Boss Engira Baskaran (BEB). He says this film will show him funnier than the previous two collaborations.

"A couple of one-liners in SMS and BEB became a rage. There will be enough punchlines in this film as well. Like 'That is life...' (which appears in the teaser) and 'Fact, fact fact...', though I can't say which is going to ultimately click with fans."

Talking about his other projects, the actor says, "Each role is distinct from the other. For example, in Thaandavam, I play a taxi driver in the US, while in Gautham Menon's Neethane En Ponvasantham I appear as a college student in the first half and as a professional in the second half," he says.

Point out to him that it is only the second time that Gautam has opted for a comedian in his film and he says, "I play the friend of the hero who makes a witty comment or two now and then. But Gautham's films are quite classy and the comedy too will be subtle, reflecting his style," he says.

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