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I worked at a Petrol Pump: Mugdha Godse

I worked at a Petrol Pump: Mugdha Godse

Mugdha Godse had quite an adventurous college life, doing odd jobs for pocket money.

I went to the MMCC in Pune, where I studied commerce. I remember, when I entered college, I wanted to do every thing at one go - study, party and have boys friends. I had a handful of friends who were my partners in crime for fun and work.

My friends and I worked for some extra money so that we could be more indulgent.

I did odd jobs like selling oil or doing a survey at petrol pumps. We'd make ' 100 a day. Coming from a middle class family, I had a nominal pocket money - ' 300 a month. The extra money was used to take care of our so called 'lavish fun'. While movies occupied most of our free time, we also enjoyed lunching outside, and sometimes even having beer in the afternoon!

Afternoon discos, and hanging out at Vaishali, a famous place on Pune's FC Road was another passtime. Sometimes we'd get hold of studious kids to gain entry into the british library, where we'd chill for hours.

There is loads of lukhagiri to talk about. Mass-bunking and going for coffee instead. Another pastime was puncturing bikes and car tyres.

However, there was one class I never bunked. I loved attending the Economics lecture. No one bunked her lecture, especially the boys, as she was very beautiful. I was quite in awe of her.

Among all the masti, I also remember I moment of pride. During my standard 11 exams, I was given a class 12 English paper by mistake, which I ended up solving! Being an 'outstanding' student that I was (pun intended), I didn't know my syllabus so didn't guess it wasn't meant for me. I was in a hurry to catch a film, so took to solving it right away. And though I found it to be difficult, I assumed it was because I hadn't studied. After the exam, when my friends and I started discussing the paper, to my horror I realised that I solved the wrong paper for my final exam. I met the principle and thankfully the issue was resolved.

Quick Five
1. Fav canteen snack - Vada pav
2. Fav subject - Economics
3. My crush - A new one every day
4. Topmost 'outstanding' activity - Puncturing tyres
5. Hangout budget - Rs 10 every day

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  1. Really much daring girl.. salute.. try for something changed baby..

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