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Bobby Deol seeks hair stylist

Bobby Deol seeks hair stylist

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol, who was in the capital city Friday afternoon, looked distracted and proclaimed that he needed a stylist to give him an interesting hairdo. He said he was bored of his hair style.

"I'm kind of bored of my hair. I don't like curly hair. I want straight hair. I keep looking at them all the time. But I have lost all hopes now," Bobby said, adding: "But my mom likes it."

The 46-year-old also insisted that he likes staying fit.

"I am happy with my physique. I like staying fit and fine. I take a healthy diet and work out daily," he said.

Bobby asserted that he would not take part in reality TV shows, ever.

"I think I am a shy person. I am not fit for reality TV shows. Appearing on a TV show as a judge is also out of the question as I am still learning, so I can't judge others. But you never know, I might take part. It's like we start liking things later, which we don't like doing at first," he said.

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