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I’m scared of Delhi: Preity Zinta

I’m scared of Delhi: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta made a short stopover in Delhi to recently to attend an awards function and to visit her favourite religious places. Whether she finally made it to Hanuman Mandir before catching her afternoon flight to Mohali, we don't know, but like the spiritual actress says, it's time she does things her way.

Everything I do is under a spotlight
Everything an actor does is the result of a conscious thought. But I don't like being under a constant spotlight. If go to any place, for my personal belief, that should not matter to anyone. Ab if someone says I went to this mandir, then it'll be like, oh team ke liye pray karne gayi thi. Why does it have to be that way? I have my personal faith and I want it to be left at that.

I've proved myself enough, this season I just want to have fun
When I first got into cricket five years back, I was always the actress, I was the outsider. Now I am the insider. I still don't know enough of cricket but I have worked hard to get here, I turned my head away from studios. Now all the stress is over, the issues are over, and I feel relaxed. I don't have to prove to the world anymore that yes, I am here and I am a part of all the cricket. This season, I just want to have fun.

I'll announce my movie the way I want to
We'll finally announce Ishkq In Paris the way I want to do it. Not because someone is saying something and then I have to explain, no, it's coming now and here. I am somebody who is very straight up and I'll say what I have to. There has been all this negativity of late which has really bothered me but I don't need to explain things to anybody.

I'm really nervous about the writing
Prem (Raj) and I have written Ishkq In Paris together. I am really nervous about the writing because when you're just an actor and the movie is not nice, you can say, oh! I was just acting in it! (giggles) But I've tried to write this positive and entertaining story and I'm hoping people enjoy it.

Yuvraj's book helped me understand him
Anything that happens for the first time in your life, is always very impactful. Whether it's your first crush, your first job, your first heartbreak. And Yuvraj (Singh) was my first player ever. So he'll always be very special. I don't want to call him a younger brother just because I am expected to, but he is one person who is very close to my heart. I am reading his book and I just feel so much more proud. Reading this book has helped me understand him better. Seeing what all he's gone through and come out of makes me so proud.

I'll always be nervous in Delhi
I have grown up in Delhi in a way and I keep coming here often. But, and I am sorry to say, I'll always be nervous when in Delhi. In my college days, I have had my bum pinched around so many times. So yes, in Mumbai, I can just walk around and do what I want to do, but in Delhi I'll always be scared.

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