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Mahesh babu took 40 takes for a scene?

Mahesh babu took 40 takes for a scene?

Mahesh Babu is known as a single take artist in the industry and his acting prowess surprised even some of the tough taskmasters like Teja during the shooting of 'Nijam'. No one would expect an artiste like him to go for about 40 retakes for a scene. Unfortunately, the same thing happened during the shooting of his upcoming flick in the direction of Sukumar.

We have seen over the years that Sukumar never compromises on the output until he gets what he has envisioned. On the other hand, Mahesh being a director's hero goes to any extent to satisfy the captain of the ship.

For a sequences of getting down from a bike in a stylish manner, our Superstar have taken 40 takes to get the nod from the director. It's not that all the 39 takes were bad, but they haven't turned out in a way Sukumar wants that particular scene to be.

Of course, Mahesh Babu willn't feel proud about what has happened but Sukumar's zeal to produce a quality product makes him take everything in the right spirit. That's the story of Superstar and his 40 takes!

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