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Freida Pinto takes to social networking

Freida Pinto takes to social networkingFreida Pinto takes to social networking

After being in the business and having been part of some of the most unique experiences as an international actor, Freida Pinto has finally decided to take to the world of social networking. After refraining for so long, Freida has finally created a Facebook page and gotten onto Instagram.

"Known to be quite a reticent especially with the media, seeing her actively engage with her fans is nice. She's been lucky to have such diverse experiences which people would love to know about. In addition, she's one of those people who is more expressive and likes having pictures to support her point of view. That's why she's chosen a more photo led interactive medium like Instagram and an intensive interaction based forum like Facebook. Her experiences range from attending awards shows to being on film sets to attending high end fashion events, charity based events and concerts. " says a source close to Freida.

Her spokesperson confirmed this development and says that she plans on starting her online engagement in the coming week balancing her life as an actor and her charity work.

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