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Madhuri insists on her DOP friend for ad film

Madhuri insists on her DOP friend for ad filmMadhuri insists on her DOP friend for ad film

Time was when Madhuri Dixit was confident about her million-dollar smile and her ability to charm, no matter what the circumstances were. Now, it seems to be different.

Reliable sources tell us that when the actress, who was shooting a commercial recently, made it clear to the brand custodians that she would bring cinematographer Baba Azmi, her director of photography friend (with whom she has worked in Raja, Pukar) to light up her portions and not the designated cameraman for the commercial Piyush Shah, the man who has shot many big Bollywood films including Raj Kumar Santoshi's Chinagate.

Predictably, the brandwalas were in a predicament... they couldn't antagonise their star or upset their cinematographer. So a compromise was reached.

At La Dixit's behest, Baba was roped in for the shoot. While he set the lighting for gorgeous Madhuri, Piyush reportedly shot the commercial.

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