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Katrina Kaif: Bikini trouble!

Katrina Kaif: Bikini trouble! - CineDen
Katrina Kaif: Bikini trouble!

Katrina Kaif's bikini pictures have been floating everywhere in the media. The actress was holidaying with boy friend Ranbir Kapoor when their pictures were leaked and their secret relationship came out in the open!

Katrina was so disturbed with this invasion to her privacy that she sent an open letter to the media that was published in the Bombay Times where by she requested the media to stop prying in her private affairs.

Sources claim that the actress will now think twice before even doing a bikini scene is a film. Now wonder if producers lining up at her door are doing a double take on hearing this news? Your guess is as good as ours. Seriously, we can't understand what all all the hue and cry is about. A bikini on screen or off it, is still only a bikini, right?

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