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Vaanam is a film about Five Elements of Nature

Vaanam is a film about Five Elements of Nature

The movie Vaanam which has Simbhu in a lead purpose is to be expelled soon. There have been tall expectations about this film. Producer Ganesh pronounced which a actors who had acted in this movie etch a 5 elements of a nature. Vaanam is a reconstitute of a blockbuster Telugu movie Vedham.

Simbhu, Bharath, Anushka, Prakash Raj, Saranya as well as Sonia Agarwal had acted in this film. Krish who had destined Vedham has destined Vaanam also. Ganesh is producing this movie underneath a ensign V T V. The sharpened of this movie is additionally entrance to an end. The movie is approaching to strike a screens during a month of May.

Producer Ganesh describes a actors as a 5 elements of a nature. He said,” Simbhu dons a purpose of Cable Raja who does anything for a consequence of his love. He has been decorated as sky since he wants to be upon top. The sky will be manifest in a background.

Bharath dons a purpose of a musician as well as he is decorated as air since many of a instruments used for his impression have been breeze based. Anushka who dons a purpose of a blurb sex workman is decorated as H2O since it flows all a time as well as it carries all a impurities along with it. Prakash Raj who fights for a rights is decorated as glow since he is heated as well as reduced tempered. Saranya who is misery stricken who comes to city from encampment has been decorated as earth.”

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