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Thala Ajith cheats Trisha?

Thala Ajith Kumar cheats Trisha Krishnan?

Oh yes you read that right, but we are referring to their characters in ‘Mankatha’! The trailer of ‘Mankatha’ which was recently unveiled showcased Ajith as a baddie who can do anything for money in the film. A rough and tough avatar of Ajith is what we witnessed. It seems, Ajith cheats Trisha and tricks her by playing her love interest in the film, all for money! Trisha who plays Sanjana in the film is smitten by Vinayak Mahadevan, that is to say, thala Ajith. Trisha is the daughter of a goon from the slums of Dharavi and is madly in love with Ajith, willing to do anything for him. Ajith tricks her as if in love and uses Trisha in the film to achieve his goal. After which he leaves her and goes on to fulfill his mission.

Thala Ajith Kumar cheats Trisha Krishnan?

Trisha, as she has expressed in many interviews, has a small yet a pivotal role in ‘Mankatha’, that is directed by Venkat Prabhu. The film also stars Arjun, Andrea, Premgi Amaren, Mahat, Lakshmi Rai and many others, with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Doing away with cheesy romantic entertainers and other films where heroes do ‘anything’ for love, ‘Mankatha’ is sure to set a rage among one and all, what with thala Ajith’s never seen before out-and-out villain self! Post your expectations on the film in here, for all you know the team might catch a glimpse of it.

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