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Mugguru (2011) - Telugu Movie Review

Mugguru (2011) - Telugu Movie Review

  • Navdeep
  • Raahul
  • Avasarala Srinivas
  • Shraddha Das
  • Sanjana
  • Sowmya
  • Reema Sen
  • Sivaji
  • Brahmanandam
  • Ali
  • Ahuti Prasad
  • Venu Madhav
Directed by : V.N.Aditya
Produced by : D. Ramanaidu
Written by : V.N.Aditya
Music by : Koti

Legendary producer D. Rama Naidu’s Mugguru is a family entertainer directed by V.N.Adithya. Ramanaidu who is making low budget entertainers these days experimented with Mugguru. With three heroes and heroines and having Sivaji and Reema sen as guest roles Mugguru serves as a good entertainer.

Plot of Story :

As the title itself reveals, Mugguru (three guys) named Pavan (Navadeep), Maruti (Rahul) and Anji (Srinivas Avasarala) are good friends. As they don’t have good education or financial background they wanted to do something to settle in their life.

In process they plan to kidnap a person called JP. But they will save him from some danger that was created by some other group. Impressed by their courage and kindness JP offers them jobs in his Malaysian company. And he promises of his 3 daughters’ marriage with the three guys.

Meanwhile, they start to impress his daughters. All goes well for them till the Bala Tripura sundari (reema sen) enters the scene. What troubles she gave to those three guys and how they overcome the problems and able to manage to get marry their loved ones form the climax.

Cast Performance :

Navadeep looked good and gained marks for his performance among the three heroes. Rahul and Avasarala Srinivas did well to their part.

Shradha Das looked hot, Sanjana, Sowmya managed to look good. All three girls didn’t have much screen time except for dancing in a couple of songs. Brahmanandam did his best to make audience laugh. And Ali too did justice for his role as comedian and added humorous flavor for the story. Reema Sen is good. It seems she took extra care to look gorgeous. Shivaji did an extended guest role.

Brahmanandam, who tries to make the movie good by making an appearance in the climax, did to some extent.

Director concentrates to establish the plot and few tricks of the three lead men to trap their girls in First half. Interval twist raises some expectations. And the second half reveals the flash back which leads to the climax.

Technical Points :

V.N.Adithya, who wants to rise again after his prolonged break of having hits pinned high hopes on this movie. And it seems that he got succeeded in his attempt.

Music by Koti is as loud as the comedy in this film. Cinematography and editing are good. Making with a small budget is the plus point for this film to survive at the box office.

Final Word :

“Mugguru” is as a youthful entertainer and resembles the thoughts of the youth. Humor in the movie could attract the audience and ShraMuggurus hot looks plays the way.

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