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Royal Stallion of 7aam Arivu Sold

Suriya in Royal Stallion of 7aam Arivu Sold

That’s right, a royal black horse which was used by Suriya in the period portions of Murugadoss’ 7 Aum Arivu has been sold for a good price recently.

The four-legged beauty had helped him immensely in the shooting as it had been trained specifically for a crucial segment. Since all scenes involving the animal were completed, it had been put up for auction at the oldest market, said to be functioning since the Tipu Sultan days near Erode.

The decision was taken since the crew wanted the animal to have a safe haven. The sale fetched them a substantial price of Rs 5 lakhs, surpassing many other similar auctions in the past.

The unknown new owners sure do have a star in their ranks — and a costly one at that!

The animal and crew exchanged farewells as they took different routes. Who knows, this may not be the last we’ve heard from this unnamed mount…

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