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Sumanth is a Very Close Friend : Kriti Kharbanda

Sumanth is a Very Close Friend : Kriti Kharbanda

She’s 22 years old, stunning and being constantly linked to her co-star Sumanth from Boni. “I am not marrying Sumanth,” says the beautiful Kriti Kharbanda and denies rumours about her link-up. She says, “Nagarjuna’s nephew is a close friend. He’s soft-spoken person and an introvert.” But she accepts that she and Sumanth are close friends and she meets him every time she is in the city. “What’s wrong with going for dinner or hanging out at a coffee shop with my friend?” she asks.

“He’s a gem of person and gave me solid support and advice when I was down after my debut film Boni flopped,” she adds. In fact, Sumanth has introduced her to some of his friends at Secunderabad Club. “I played basket ball at the club and also had dinner with a few of them, but no one talks about that, because they are not celebrities” she says. Kriti does not think she will stop being friends with Sumanth just because of some rumours. “Even my mother found him to be a gentleman,” she adds. But she’s a bit worried about Sumanth’s family. “He belongs to an illustrious family in Tollywood and I don’t want these reports to hurt their feelings,” she argues.

On her plans to buy a property and shift to Hyderabad, she says, “Of course, I am buying a house since I intend to do more Telugu films. I am just 22-years-old and I don’t want to get married. However, I am also a romantic heart and if I happen to find Mr Right, I will definitely let you know,” she points out. What about marrying an actor? She says, “Barring few black sheep, acting is a decent profession, so I have no issues marrying an eligible actor.” Her career is currently flying. She’s even acted alongside superstar Pawan Kalyan in Teen Maar and even though it tanked, it helped her get more work. “It gave me enough mileage and two big offers as well,” she explains. So, she is pinning big hopes on Mr Nokia with Manchu Manoj to break her T-town jinx. While other actors don’t get along with their contemporaries, she admires Trisha, who acted with her in Teen Maar. “I am also fond of Anushka and Tamannah. They are gorgeous and immensely talented,” she says. Like any typical Bangalorean, she believes in “work hard and party harder.” But Kriti doesn’t do late nights while working. “Looking fresh and charming is the key for any actress,” she adds.

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