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I won't do a film like 'Barfi': Jacqueline Fernandez

I won't do a film like 'Barfi': Jacqueline Fernandez

Why are you not doing too many movies? Are you being too choosy and picky about your films?
For me, it is all about working in good films. I have set very high standards for my scripts and the kind of roles I take up. I would rather not do something mediocre and waste my time. You can say that’s a strategy I have made for myself. I know at such early stage of my career, I can’t afford to be choosy but I have chosen to do so. Frankly, I am not keen on doing anything and everything that comes my way. I have to see and take a decision.

Fans don't get to see you experimenting much with the kind of looks and roles you pick for the films. Why?
It does take time you see. I have done five films so far and I am still finding my seat in the industry. I have not got such great characters to bank upon neither have big doors opened up for me so far. I am moving slowly and with the flow of time. I don’t wish to experiment with characters and looks that are complicated because I still need time to learn. Also, you have to have the confidence of being an experienced actor. I won’t do the mistake of jumping into a film like ‘Barfi’ because I know I am not prepared and won’t do justice to the role.

Have you ever felt the fear of being stereocast for the sexed up roles you have done?
There’s always a fear of being stereocast. But I feel, there’s nothing wrong in being glamorous on screen and I love to set new fashion trends. And if it is bringing you success, no one can question you. Later you can do deeper and darker roles that set new benchmarks for your career. An actor’s search for good roles is never ending. We are always craving for something better. But sometimes, we also have to wait for the right thing to come our way.

You have managed to stay away from any controversies as such. How?
I feel it’s so much better to concentrate on your career than to focus on tactics to get famous overnight. Moreover, controversies work for some and don’t work for others. I don’t want to get into that space at all. I have come here to work and not become famous for various unwanted and unpleasant reasons.

Gossips around you and Sajid Khan have always been in limelight. How do you handle all of that?
You just have to ignore it. Sometimes it’s difficult to ignore also because it may jeopardize your career. At the same time, you know the pros and cons also. With time, you become stronger and get adept to things. Actors are easy targets and very vulnerable and that’s what people (read media) takes the advantage of. Trust me, I have seen stories being fabricated around stars without anything. So I prefer not to talk about it or defend myself, because it never ends.

After Housefull 2, you acted in another multi-starrer Race 2. Does it really help being part of multi star cast films?
I still consider myself someone very new in the industry. Honestly, working in multi-starrer films has only helped me grow. Be it Housefull 2 or Race 2, it has been quite a learning experience for me. On the sets while shooting, everyone looked so inspired. After pack up, we would spend so much quality time together, help each other feel energized. So it’s been a fun process. Despite it being competitive, we have had a feeling of teamwork. We all were working towards one goal – to make the movie look good. So there was a consensus which I really enjoyed. And if you about clashes or difference of opinions, well, I have never come across these problems as such. It does exist for sure but maybe I’ve been lucky!

Did Deepika Padukone steal your thunder?
Deepika is a much better star, no second thoughts about it. I had expected her to be in forefront. I still have sometime to go. I have to learn a lot. But I was so impressed to see Deepika as a sheer down-to-earth person and she would always share tips with me. She’s come a long way and she is an inspiration to so many young upcoming actresses.

You shared screen space with John and Saif. Who was better according to you?
It’s strange. There’s so much comfort factor with John, since we have worked together before in Housefull 2 but I felt my on screen chemistry was much stronger with Saif in Race 2. With John, it’s like we have become used to each other and it’s so easy being together on screen. Despite Saif being a new co-star for me, I really enjoyed my stint with him. Anyways, it’s always a great experience to share space with two hot men.

So how has the stint in Bollywood been so far?
It has been amazing. I came to this country without any expectations. Bollywood just happened by chance through some random modeling assignment. When I look back at it, I can’t believe how fast it has happened. So it was all uncalled for but has been wonderful overall.

Do you think foreign imports have a great future in Bollywood?
I’d say world is becoming a lot more globalized. If you look at the highest paid actress in Hollywood also, they are not Americans. They would be from London, Russia, Italy, Germany and different countries. Same is happening in India. Bollywood as an industry is opening up to international talent and that’s a great thing indeed.

Do you miss Sri Lanka?
Yes, quite much. Though I lived in many countries like Bahrain, Australia but Sri Lanka has always been home. I pretty much enjoy going back there, spending my holidays and meeting my family. i am still endorsing a couple of brands in SL, so I often go there.

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