Monday, 23 June 2014

Lindsay Lohan ran naked in store

Lindsay Lohan ran naked in store - Web Log Hub

Lindsay Lohan ran naked in store

Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly recently ran around department store Selfridges here without clothes.

The "Mean Girls" star is said to have shocked onlookers at the plush department store when she allegedly charged out of her dressing room and started racing around the shop in the buff, laughing hysterically all the while, reports

"Lindsay took some items into the changing room. Halfway through, she ran out of the room with nothing on and was chased by members of staff who were trying to cover her up," a source was quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying. "She was laughing her head off and literally giving staff the run-around as customers looked on," added the source.

The 27-year-old was due to meet with a personal shopper at Selfridges later that day, but subsequently cancelled her appointment following her bizarre display.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Preity Zinta arrives in Mumbai, police to record her statement soon

Preity Zinta arrives in Mumbai, police to record her statement soon - Web Log Hub

Preity Zinta arrives in Mumbai, police to record her statement soon

Actress Preity Zinta arrived in Mumbai from the US on Sunday, more than a week after she filed a case against her former boyfriend and Kings XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia for allegedly molesting, threatening and abusing her.

A senior officer supervising the case, lodged with the Marine Drive police, told HT that Zinta came by a Jet Airways flight from London. She was immediately whisked away through a special exit to keep her away from the media which had gathered in large numbers outside the arrival lounge.

The officer said that Preity went to her Khar home straight from the airport. "The investigating officer of the case spoke to her over phone and whenever she agrees to record her statement, it will be done accordingly," the officer said to a question on the recording of her statement. "In all likelihood, it will be done on Monday," the officer added.

Zinta's supplimentary statement holds key to further the probe. The officer said that the witnesses would be identified from her statement and the sequence of events would come to light. She would also be taken to the Garware pavilion at the Wankhade stadium at a later stage to conduct a spot panchnama of the case.

Zinta had said that the incident took place during the IPL match between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings on May 30, however, she filed the police complaint on June 12.

She has told in the complaint that Wadia first shouted on team staff and then abused her after she intervened. She left for her seat, when Wadia followed her and allegedly pulled her hand and abused her.

The police have sought details from the Kings XI Punjab Chief operating officer (COO) on the players present when the alleged incident took place, a source said. Police are relooking the sections applied in the case. Policemen were on Tuesday instructed by senior officials to go through Zinta’s complaint again and if it is case of 354-D (stalking), then section 354 should be changed to 354-D.

Police have so far collected five CCTV camera feeds and footages. Three of them have been examined so far but it does not show any argument between Zinta and Wadia, an official said.

Zinta had allegedly complained about her former boyfriend Ness Wadia’s behavior to IPL Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sundar Raman twice. Police sources said that Zinta has also verbally communicated about the incident to IPL chairman Ranjit Biswal, who may be questioned on it.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mumbai girls were safe when Balasaheb was alive: Suniel Shetty

Mumbai girls were safe when Balasaheb was alive: Suniel Shetty - Web Log Hub

Mumbai girls were safe when Balasaheb was alive: Suniel Shetty

Suniel Shetty, 53, may have become a star, but his heart still remains with cricket, his first love. He is emotional, blunt and hardworking, who may have the image of being good in business, but he is ruled by his heart and feels responsible towards people around him, be it his own family or his staff. His anchor remains his family and his father, his hero. Ahead of his upcoming film Koyelaanchal, he talks about the stylish Jackie Shroff, his caring wife Mana and why Balasaheb Thackeray was a great leader.

How did you come into the film industry?
We are from the small Bunts community, originally from Mangalore. My dad lost his father when he was nine and ran away from home to come to Mumbai to feed his mother and his three siblings. He joined one of the Udupi restaurants as a cleaner boy from where, due to his hard work, he became a manager. The owner of the restaurant had three restaurants. The owner wanted to retire and go back to Karnataka, which is when he offered my dad the option of taking over the restaurants.

I was born in Mangalore, where my nani lived, but was raised throughout in Mumbai. I never thought of doing films and was always obsessed with cricket. I met Vivian Richards for the first time when I was 14. I had never seen such forearms like his. He used to hit real hard. I went upto him and asked him how he had such shoulders and he said, 'Weight training.' I started weight training, thinking I would hit as hard as him. I played for Mumbai under 16 under Ravi Shastri. Politics took over in the team at that time and I knew that not being a Maharashtrian, I would not make it to the Indian team. I was very disappointed, but started pursuing martial arts. I became a black belter in kickboxing and started training the Maharashtra police. I continued to run the restaurant and started my own fashion store Mischief, till I met Pahlaj Nihalani, who offered me a role in Arzoo. The film did not work out and he offered me another film, Ek Aur Faulad. In the meantime, Raju Balwani offered me Balwaan, which started and finished earlier and became my debut film at 29.

Talk about your father, Veer Shetty?
He is my hero. When my mom had three children, he gave away two restaurants to a manager and looked after only one, so that he could give us time. He was always there when we came back home for lunch. He was uneducated, but today reads every paper and is far more knowledgeable than me and my two sisters. He knew that I love cricket, so he got me whatever I wanted and always stood on the side, quietly watching me play. He always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to. In our community, the girl child is valued and the daughter is the most important thing. In the absence of a will, everything goes to her. My dad borrowed money and made money enough only to be able to send my two sisters to study abroad. I was fine with that as I loved India and my parents the most, and I stayed back to look after the restaurant. There was a period a few years back when I lost six members of my family to cancer, including my brother-in-law and that was a very messy period. My sister now lives with us and is with me in my real estate and lifestyle business. I have always lived with my dad, but past six months he has got paralysed.

You are amongst the few stars who seem to be loyal to your wife Mana.
I met Mana when she was in college. She always thought that I was a goon, as I was this guy with long hair on a motorcycle with my gang of friends and girls always around me, and thought that I was the type of guy who would never settle down. She is extremely elegant and simple and has blind faith in whatever I do. We were seeing each other for nine years, but my parents never met her as they believed that Mana being a half-Muslim and half-Kapoor, our marriage would never work. My mom wanted me to get married but I refused, saying that if I could not marry Mana, I would stay single. I was leaving for my first outdoor shoot at Ooty and my dad came to see me off at the airport. Mana, too, wanted to come and I could not refuse either of them. She was standing at the back as she did not want to come in front of him. He saw her and said, 'Go, say bye to her.' After six hours, I reached Ooty via Bangalore and kept calling Mana on her landline, but was told that she had not reached home. I was really worried and then called up my own place. To my surprise, Mana picked up. My dad had taken her home from the airport. From that day, she visited them everyday post her work for the 40 days that I was shooting. As soon as I came back, my dad asked, 'Ready for shaadi?' She has fit in beautifully. She really cares for them and they love her more than me today. Even though my dad can communicate only through sign language now, you say, 'Mana' and he lights up.

Do you have friends in the industry?
Jackie Shroff, Ajay Devgn, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Sohail Khan and Abhishek Bachchan are my friends. Ajay is very correct, honest, simple and an absolute prankster, but someone you can always depend on. Salman and me go back a long way and Jackie dada, even before that. When Salman and Jackie would come to my store Mischief, I knew they would come and strip me off all that I was wearing, be it my belt or my shirt. Jackie would come and say, 'Shirt nikaal'. Jackie dada was a star even before he came into films. We lived in the same area and grew up watching him. At 13, we would only be watching what he was wearing. Even in his normal shorts and kurta, he was no less than Clint Eastwood for us, as he was so stylish. He would walk into dandiyas and move around and if someone said, 'Jackie aaya,' we would just say, 'Chal nikle,' and would move to the next building. It was just his personality and his looks. I used to hate Anil Kapoor till the time I met him, as Jackie and Anil were pitted against each other and for us, our hero was Jackie Shroff. He was the model for Four Square and even now, I can close my eyes and imagine him. Dada would come and sit on the steps of Mischief and there would be crowds and crowds just to see him. He was a star in Mumbai even before he became an actor. He was that Four Square model whom boys gave up other brands for, to have his brand. I called him after seeing his son Tiger in the song Whistle Bajaa from Heropanti and asked him, 'Dada, whose genes are there in Tiger?' as he was dancing so well. Dada immediately said, 'Mine'. I said, 'Dada aap ungli uthate the. Which dance have you done?' We could never learn to dance as we grew up seeing you close dancing as you could close dance on any song.' How much he laughed and called me a big kutta. He is a star. Salman is one of the most misunderstood people on earth. People talk about his human side now. I remember, long back, we were all in a star rally for some cause and suddenly Salman said to me, 'I will just come back.' I later came to know that he had gone to get his bone marrow tested, so that he could give it to a poor kid who was suffering from cancer. He and Sanju have always given to people all the time. Abhishek is a much better actor than what you have seen. His approach is far more casual, but in reality, he is a much more intense person and is very loving and affectionate, who will go out of his way to do things for you.

Are you politically aligned?
No, not at all and I would never like to come into politics. As reported, I was never a star campaigner for anybody. I have always stood by friends. If they are doing legitimate work, are genuine and content with the wealth they have, I will campaign for them. I campaigned for Paresh Rawal as I believe he will make a difference to cinema. When he did Hera Pheri with me, he had 100 offers but he chose theatre. He is one of the simplest people you can meet. Arun Jaitley is a family friend. I campaigned for Ravi Kishan for Congress. Mahesh Manjrekar is standing for MNS and wanted me to but am not able to.

With your background of martial arts, did you ever get physical?
My dad likes my honesty and has always stood by me due to that. Within me, that became my nature and I wanted to do things the right way to match up to his expectations. I would, however, get aggressive or angry if I found someone doing the wrong thing and could even get physical. We started with South Indian restaurants and then moved on to bars and restaurants, which were in difficult areas. I still feel that those days were better than today. When Balasaheb Thackeray was alive, the shakas were prominent and while they came to you asking for money during Ganpati and other times, they were also the eyes that protected the streets and the girls. With the death of Balasaheb and the breakup of Uddhav and Raj, the fear went away. Otherwise, they ruled. Balasaheb was a leader who had a tremendous sense of humour and was extremely simple and a great artist. My father always believed in me. Once, this police guy came to our restaurant and beat up my manager for the wrong reasons, as he had refused to pay bribe to him, and so, the police guy slapped him along with two hookers from the area. I went to the police station, I still remember he was buttoning himself and I whacked him. I had hit a cop at the police station and there was a case. I used to train cops and so every cop stood by me and the guy was suspended for a year. The cop went to my father to complain about me. My father said, 'Oh, you are Mr Das.' He took out his slipper and hit him and said, 'My son will not do anything wrong and if he has done something wrong, he will come and tell me. I came to Mumbai without anything. I have three restaurants. I will lose everything but will fight as I know my son is right.' I was a very good son and never crossed the line on anything. I didn't smoke or drink. Even in the industry, we are always surrounded by beautiful girls. But I never crossed my line. The choice is between gaining momentarily and losing a hell of a lot. It was a conscious effort. My friends make fun of me, but it doesn't matter. Ajay says, Mumbai mein sirf do log subah uthte hain — doodhwala aur doosra Suniel Shetty. Even when a tree stops bearing fruits, its shade protects you. My father's health really worries me and I don't like the feeling of being the head of the family.

Helen Mirren admits twerking mesmerizes her

Helen Mirren admits twerking mesmerizes her - Web Log Hub

Helen Mirren admits twerking mesmerizes her

Dame Helen Mirren has confessed that twerking is mesmerizing to her.

The 'Elizabeth I' star told HELLO! Magazine that the way stars like Beyonce wiggles their hips on stage inspires her, Contactmusic reported. The 68-year-old actress said that it's unbelievable how stars twerk and she always likes it when a new dance arrives on the scene. When asked if Mirren secretly practices in front of a mirror, she replied saying that she might have. Earlier in 2013, when Mirren was being honoured with Harvard University's Hasty Pudding award, she bent over and shaked her butt for the crowd.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Miranda, Orlando friends forever

Miranda, Orlando friends forever - CineDen

Miranda, Orlando friends forever

Supermodel Miranda Kerr says that she talks to her former husband and actor Orlando Bloom every day and that they still have a good platonic relationship.

Kerr and Bloom, parents to three-year-old son Flynn, called off their three-year marriage in October last year, reports

Miranda, Orlando friends forever - CineDen

Miranda, Orlando friends forever

"We speak every day. We're really close, we're going to be a family forever and we both really do love each other. We have genuine love and respect for each other. We're very connected and I feel grateful for that," said Kerr.

"We created something beautiful together and we both remind ourselves how lucky we are to have that. And yeah, it's good. He's a great dad. I'm lucky. Everyone goes through challenging periods in their life. That's inevitable and it's part of being human," she added.

She continued: "I feel like it's a daily process to be positive. It's something that's a choice and I have different tools, like meditation, even prayer and my grandmother taught me to pray when I was young - and just finding that inner peace."

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Is Genelia D'Souza pregnant?

Is Genelia D'Souza pregnant? - CineDen

Is Genelia D'Souza pregnant?

Bollywood's chirpy actress Genelia D'Souza, who is generally inseparable from husband actor Riteish Deshmukh, was missing from the IIFA awards in the USA. Though Riteish was present there, his better half was not by his side. This had led to tongues wagging that Genelia is probably expecting and hence preferred to stay at home.

A Mid-Day report says that there were rumours about her pregnancy earlier too. However, unlike Vidya Balan, she neither denied those rumours nor confirmed it.

In fact, Honey Bhagnani, who is married to Riteish's younger brother Dheeraj is also pregnant. It is interesting to know that both the brothers got married in February 2012. Is it mere coincidence that their wives are pregnant? That is something time will tell...

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Priyanka Chopra says Girl child not a burden

Priyanka Chopra says Girl child not a burden - CineDen

Priyanka Chopra says Girl child not a burden

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has always lent support to women empowerment, spoke about the importance of educating a girl child as part of a 'Girl Rising Project' session at the ongoing International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards here.

"Fortunately, I come from a family where there is no difference between a girl and boy child. But to bring a change, the mindset of the people has to be changed. A girl child is not a burden, nd I would like to say if you educating one girl is like educating a family," Priyanka said here.

Before the session took off, a short film on the same subject was showcased here.

Veteran actress Shabana Azmi, who is known for her work towards the emancipation of the girl child, was part of the session, and she spoke about violence against women.

"I would like to raise this controversial issue which is violence against women. If a girl gets married and if she is not happy, she is advised to make up and go back to the family to keep the marriage alive.

"I want to say violence against women should not be tolerated," she said.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Diana Penty to get married?

Diana Penty to get married? - CineDen

Diana Penty to get married?

Diana Penty, who stole our hearts with her endearing performance in 'Cocktail', is about to get married to her diamond merchant boyfriend Harsh Sagar.

Sources have told Mid-Day that the model-cum-actress has been dating Mumbai-based diamond merchant for quiet some time and now they are contemplating to take their relationship to the next level. Sources close to the couple claim that both of them are deeply in love with each other and are very excited about their marriage.

Incidentally, Harsh Sagar has another B-Town connection. He is Chandra Barot's nephew.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Katrina and her beau's dad share hotel

Katrina and her beau's dad share hotel - CineDen

Katrina and her beau's dad share hotel

By a stroke of coincidence, Katrina Kaif and Rishi Kapoor, father of Ranbir Kapoor, who is rumoured to be in a relationship with Kat, are staying in the same hotel in Chandigarh these days. Both the actors are in the city on account of their films being shot here. While Rishi is here for Aye Bala Ko Taal Tu with Divya Dutta and Ram Kapoor, Katrina is shooting for Phantom with Saif Ali Khan.

Though we have learnt that Katrina and Ranbir have cemented their relationship even further after their recent holiday in Sri Lanka, we aren't sure if Kat's relationship with her prospective in-laws (if Ranbir and Kat formalise their affair into marriage that is), have changed their attutude towards the actress. While some time back we had heard that both Rishi and Neetu, Ranbir's parents, were not too keen on Ranbir settling down with Katrina, we aren't sure if their relationship have undergone any change since Ranbir-Kat decided to come even closer to each other of late.

According to the insiders in the hotel where Kat and Rishi are staying, while Rishi is still seen around the hotel, having lunch or coffee, there has never been a time he has come face to face with Katrina.

Anurag Kashyap to present 'The World Before Her' documentary

Anurag Kashyap to present 'The World Before Her' documentary - CineDen

Anurag Kashyap to present 'The World Before Her' documentary

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has come on board to present award-winning documentary "The World Before Her", joining others like Shimit Amin, Nandita Das, Deepa Mehta and Lisa Ray to raise funds for the movie's nationwide campaign ahead of its April 25 release.

"I love this film and had heard about it a long time back. I want to make sure it gets to as wide an audience as possible. That is why I decided to get behind it. It is the first documentary I have launched and it feels like a narrative film," said the acclaimed director, who supports offbeat projects.

A six-month nationwide campaign for the movie was launched March 8, International Women's Day, with the support of Nandita, Lisa and Deepa. The trio believe that the documentary is a must watch for every Indian.

"'The World Before Her' is powerful, insightful and poignant. It's very telling of our times and the complexities we need to deal with, especially in the area of gender empowerment," Nandita said in a statement.

"Chake De! India" director Shimit Amin raved about the documentary, by which he was "blowna way", saying: "I was scared and moved at the same time. This film is the only true portrait of anything that is going on here."

Apart from the theatrical release in metro cities, the makers aim to reach out to the wider audience by screening the film in educational institutes across the country and in parts of India where female infanticide and foeticide is high.

Joining the campaign are women's rights activists and former Miss India Pooja Chopra, who was a near victim of female infanticide. Pooja, who featured in the film "Commando", plays a key role in the documentary.

The makers of the film have set a goal of raising $50,000 in 40 days with the help of a crowdfunding organisation, Kickstarter and have managed to raise more than 40 percent of the amount in just over two weeks.

"The World Before Her" writer-director Nisha Pahuja says the idea of launching a crowdfunding campaign came up "because we wanted to ensure the film and its message travels far and wide and reaches people who normally would not have access to a film like this".

"Stories have the ability to change the way people think about an issue because they are non-threatening. In order for women's rights to really take hold in india, trying to get people to 'see" differently is key," she said.

The award-winning film, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) in 2012 has been screened at more than 125 International film galas and has won 19 awards and distinctions including best documentary feature at TFF.

I am marriage material: Divya Dutta

I am marriage material: Divya Dutta - CineDen

I am marriage material: Divya Dutta

For all those speculating if the critically acclaimed and chirpy Divya Dutta going to settle down in a marriage at all, Divya clarifies, "Yes, I most certainly will get married. I am the marriage material, the marrying types." The actress maybe busy shooting films back to back and garnering more acclaim with each new film, but that certainly doesn't mean she has no plans, or time, for matrimony.

"I am just waiting for the right person, though I do believe that there is nothing like a perfect man," says Divya who is currently shooting for Aayi Bala Ko Taal Tu in Chandigarh with Rishi Kapoor and Ram Kapoor.

She says at this stage, besides her mother, there are many people who keep asking her this question often. "My mother has kind of given up on me...she is tired of telling me to settle down in matrimony, like all mothers. But I am also amused at people in general...itni fikr hai meri logon ko!"

Zooey Deschanel survived on frugal wear as teen

Zooey Deschanel survived on frugal wear as teen - CineDen

Zooey Deschanel survived on frugal wear as teen

Known for her quirky style, actress Zooey Deschanel says during her teens she used to have a limited wardrobe as her parents wouldn't allow her splurge on clothes.

"My parents wouldn't let my buy clothes willy-nilly. We'd get new clothes maybe twice a year, just practical things, so I started making them myself," quoted her as saying.

"I would sort of fit things on myself and then sew them together. I remember taking fabric my mom had used to make a Christmas stocking, but I made a red dress out of it, with white eyelet trim, for a friend's birthday party," she added.

Omar Sy to star in 'Jurassic World'

Omar Sy to star in 'Jurassic World' - CineDen

Omar Sy to star in 'Jurassic World'

French star Omar Sy of "The Intouchables" fame has joined the cast of Colin Trevorrow's 'Jurassic World' - reboot of the blockbuster dinosaur action franchise. reports THAT Sy shared the news on Twitter saying: "Fan of the saga from the beginning, I'm very proud to be part of the cast."

Sy did not reveal details about his role in the 3D feature, which also stars Chris Pratt, Idris Elba, Irrfan Khan, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio and Jake Johnson. Steven Spielberg, who directed the first "Jurassic Park" film in 1993, is producing "Jurassic World" along with Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley.

Jennifer Aniston admits Justin Theroux 'hijacks' her beauty products

Jennifer Aniston admits Justin Theroux 'hijacks' her beauty products - CineDen

Jennifer Aniston admits Justin Theroux 'hijacks' her beauty products

Jennifer Aniston says Justin Theroux 'hijacks' her beauty products.

The 45-year-old star admitted her fiance has become obsessed and always tries to borrow her things to make himself look as good as possible, and she finds it 'hysterical'. Speaking to E! News, she said: 'It's hysterical. What product doesn't he try to hijack? 'He's good to his skin, that's for sure. It's always, 'what are you using, what is that?' It's cute.'

Jennifer Aniston admits Justin Theroux 'hijacks' her beauty products - CineDen

Jennifer Aniston admits Justin Theroux 'hijacks' her beauty products

The 'We're The Millers' actress admitted she has had to put her sunbathing days behind her after not taking enough care of her skin. She added: 'The sun, I feel, is like my friend I've had to say goodbye to,' she said ruefully. 'I was terrible as a kid. It was baby oil [that she rubbed on her body]...I mean, we all did it.'

Jennifer recently insisted she was feeling 'better' than ever lately, becoming a lot more comfortable in herself. She previously said: 'I feel like I felt when I was 28. My bones don't hurt. I feel great. I actually feel better, more confident. Of course I still have the nerves, but now I know how to control them.

'When I was in my twenties, I wasn't sure of myself. Now I can really stretch. I don't have to stay in the box. At this point I can say to myself, 'So what if I fall, so what?' I'm going to get back up.'

Liam Neeson turns saviour for stray dog

Liam Neeson turns saviour for stray dog - CineDen

Liam Neeson turns saviour for stray dog

Actor Liam Neeson, known for his action movies like "Taken", reportedly saved a stray dog from teenage boys, who were attacking it with stones.

Neeson was apparently jogging in Central Park here when he "charged down a path" after hearing a woman shout that the boys were throwing stones at the puppy, reports

The "Non Stop" star "confronted three gangbanger wannabe types who were throwing rocks at a stray they'd cornered up against a trash bin," quoted a source as saying. "Liam yelled that they'd better stop or he'd knock the c*** out of them - but the punks just swaggered up and warned him to mind his own business.' "In a fury, he warned them to back off fast - or else!," the insider added.

The boys reportedly dropped their stones and ran away, which is said to be due to a policeman who was seen approaching them. The 61-year-old then tried to comfort the dog.

"Liam just shook his head and approached the shivering dog, stroking it while the policeman assessed its injuries," the source said.

When Winslet received sketch of Rose from fan

When Winslet received sketch of Rose from fan - CineDen

When Winslet received sketch of Rose from fan

Actress Kate Winslet was presented with an intricate nude drawing by an enthusiastic 'Titanic' fan at 'Divergent' premiere.

While signing autographs for fans, the Oscar-winning star was given an exact replica of the nude drawing that Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack Dawson, created of her character Rose DeWitt Bukater on the night of the Titanic ship's sinking, reports

The 38-year-old was posing on the red carpet at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California, when she was presented with the gift by the fan.

Miranda Kerr's toddler health conscious

Miranda Kerr's toddler health conscious - CineDen

Miranda Kerr's toddler health conscious

Supermodel Miranda Kerr's three-year-old son Flynn is already well-versed with healthy lifestyle.

"The other day he was like, 'Mama, I want to make a smoothie.' He wanted to make his own smoothie, and then he said, 'This one's for you. It's full of antioxidants,'" quoted her as saying. "He's three years old, how does he know that? He obviously heard me talking," she added.

Kerr's son is also part of her fitness routine: "We dance all the time, he loves it. It's one of his favourite things."

Friday, 21 March 2014

Horror was always on my mind: Sunny Leone

Horror was always on my mind: Sunny Leone - CineDen

Horror was always on my mind: Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, whose latest film 'Ragini MMS2' released on Friday, says that she has always had a liking for horror films and from the time she thought of being an actress, she wanted to be a part of horror films. And Ragini MMS2 has made that dream possible.

"I have always had a liking for horror films and even before coming into the entertainment industry, I used to watch a lot of horror films. And now that I am a part of Ragini MMS2, it feels unreal, she says"

Sunny, who herself doesn't believe in the concept of ghosts, says, "This film has given me the scope to challenge myself as an actor. On one side if I had to be this sexy seductress, on the other hand I had to be scary as well. And the scary part was really scary. It scared me too when I saw the climax of the film."

Seems Sunny has found her calling.

Sanusha to play a street girl next

Sanusha to play a street girl next - CineDen

Sanusha to play a street girl next

After playing a pregnant school girl in Aneesh Anwar's Zackariyayude Garbhinikal, Sanush Santhosh is all set to play another unique character next.

As per reports, the actress will play a street girl next, in a film to be directed by Vinayan. Titled India Today, the movie will showcase the story of a girl who has to undergo physical torture, but emerges out of the experience as a revolutionary. Saravanan is the male lead in the film and his character is that of an orphan named Ramu, who also lives in the street.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lindsay Lohan refuses to stay sober, fires her sobriety coach

Lindsay Lohan refuses to stay sober, fires her sobriety coach - CineDen

Lindsay Lohan refuses to stay sober, fires her sobriety coach

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly sacked her sober living coach, who she had hired after her 2013 rehab stint.

A source said that he was hired to help her stay sober. However, recently, after filming a reality show based on her life, the actress gave Michael Cormier the pink slip. Apart from refusing to get sober, Lohan is believed to have fired him also because he was insistent she stay away from one of her party pals.

Aamir beats construction company bid?

Aamir beats construction company bid? - CineDen

Aamir beats construction company bid?

Aamir Khan's plan to buy out his society's plots - Bella Vista and Marina Apartments — is reportedly materialising. Khan outdid the bid of a prominent construction company (name withheld) by offering a much higher amount, indicated a society member.

Our source also said, "He may keep a part of the plot for a new home, while a new building will be built for the existing society members. Having lived in the building for about two decades, Aamir is attached to the place and hence, this initiative."

The Bollywood superstar is currently renting two floors in a sea-facing building on Carter Road. While one floor occupies his office, the other is where he lives with wife Kiran Rao Khan and their son Azad.

Priyanka’s name crops up for Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani

Priyanka's name crops up for Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani - CineDen

Priyanka's name crops up for Kashibai in Bajirao Mastani

Speculations don't seem to cease when it comes to Sanjay Leela Bhansali's dream project Bajirao Mastani. The epic historical, based on the life of Peshwa Bajirao and his ladylove, Mastani, which the filmmaker first spoke about 15 years ago, has seen several big names being tossed around for the lead roles.

Though initially planned with Salman Khan as Bajirao, names like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh and even Ajay Devgn later started doing the rounds. Similarly, there were rumours of Bhansali having 'advanced talks' with Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan for Mastani's role.

The latest is that Priyanka Chopra has bagged the role of Kashibai, who was the Peshwa's first wife. Will there be any concrete news soon? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Happy to join the league of Mammootty’s women: Reenu Mathews

Happy to join the league of Mammootty's women: Reenu Mathews - CineDen

Happy to join the league of Mammootty's women: Reenu Mathews

She is only four films old in Mollywood, but flight attendant-cum-actress Reenu Mathews has consolidated her position in the industry as a bankable star. Though Reenu shot to fame with her debut film, Immanuel, with Mammootty in the lead, it was in Kullante Bharya that she proved what she is capable of as an actress. In a tete-a-tete with Kochi Times, the poised and soft spoken actress shares her experiences; acting with Mammootty back-to-back; and future plans. Excerpts:

Mammootty is known as a very serious person on the set. How was your experience working with him?
It is sheer luck to work with Mammootty Sir for the second time. But still I am tense in his presence. I think I will feel the same even after we work together in 10 films (laughs). But when compared to my debut movie, I am more relaxed now. Mammootty Sir always makes me feel comfortable while shooting and gives me suggestions on how to improve a particular scene. Frankly, the experience is overwhelming and exhilarating.

How do you rate your on screen chemistry with Mammootty?
I am no one to do that and it is for the audience to rate us. But what I felt is, we look good together on screen, and many people have told me the same. Some wrote it on my official page that they could see a perfect pair after a hiatus. Earlier, we used to consider Shobana, Suhasini and Sumalatha as a perfect match for the superstar. I am glad to join the league.

The roles that you have done so far are not glamorous with a no make-up look. Don't you want to try out modern roles?
In two of my movies, I play a simple housewife. So I had to wear cotton saris to suit the character. I had to portray a realistic look to appeal to the audience. However, Ancy is quite different from Annie. Ancy, the wife of a planter and mother of two, is a bold, independent woman, who has a say in every household activity. I believe such homely characters remain in the minds of the audience for long.

And yes, I would love to do modern roles. But I am not at all comfortable wearing revealing clothes and do not want to end up looking vulgar. Though I love sari, I only wear it for special events and shows. I am more comfortable wearing modern attires. For the very reason, people hardly recognise me in public space, as they are used to seeing me only in saris. That is a good thing; I am really enjoying my privacy (laughs).

What is your take on doing intimate or steamy scenes in films?
I know what my limits are and I would like to portray characters within certain limitations. But if a bold scene is integral part of the script and it is aesthetically shot, I have no qualms doing it. I believe any scene can be made vulgar or decent; it all depends on how they are shot.

How do you juggle a full-time career and films?
Since I work as cabin crew with an airline in Dubai, I have only 30 days of leave every year. So I can fly down to Kerala only for one movie a year. I had to reject many projects that came my way because of that; the latest is director Ranjith's Njan. I am not ready yet to make movies my full-time career. If everything goes well, I may think on those lines in the future.

Is marriage on the cards anytime soon?
I believe marriage will happen when the right time comes. However, I am particular that I should know the guy who I marry. I cannot spend the rest of my life with someone I don't know. It may not be a love marriage, but I won't marry a total stranger.

So what's next?
I have signed Amal Neerad's, Iyobinte Pusthakam, a period film set in the early 1900. However, I don't have the liberty to talk about my character. All I can say is that, it is quite a serious movie and I am paired opposite Lal sir. There are a few more projects in the pipeline. I am getting offers from other languages too, but haven't signed anything yet.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Guess, who is Shubha Punja’s dream man?

Guess, who is Shubha Punja’s dream man? - CineDen

Guess, who is Shubha Punja’s dream man?

When was the last time you have heard an actress expressing her desire to marry and settle down with a farmer? Sounds different? Not for Sandalwood actress Shubha Punja. Shubha, who loves to spend time close to nature, wants to marry a farmer, who owns huge farmland.

And, yes Shubha has no qualms about quitting her acting career post-marriage. Currently, the model-turned-actress, who has also worked in Tamil films, is busy shooting for five upcoming Kannada movies. Her co-star Rakesh Adiga from the film Kootigondu Love Story is full of praise for Shubha.

"She is a thorough professional, down to earth and highly co-operative on the set. I don't feel like I am working with a senior from the industry," says Rakesh.

Asin all for women empowerment

Asin all for women empowerment - CineDen

Asin all for women empowerment

Asin, who was last seen in Kollywood in Kaavalan, has been honoured by the Kerala State Government for her work in recognition for her philanthropic work. The actress, reportedly funds the education of few girl students in Kerala and apparently, she has even promised the orphanage that she will fund the education of these students till they complete their studies.

The Kaavalan actress was felicitated for empowering women in her state. She has been made the face of women empowerment in Kerala. Now that's an interesting development.

Priyamani in love?

Priyamani in love? - CineDen

Priyamani in love?

The news might come as a huge heartbreak for her fans, but it looks like Priya Mani is dating someone. The actress, we hear, has a special someone in her life, whom she has been seeing for the last two years.

The actress has reportedly said that it is great having someone as an emotional anchor, especially when you are feeling down and that she is getting pampered. The Paruthiveeran star also admitted that the person was not from the film industry.

Rhea Chakraborty gets groped by a stranger!

Rhea Chakraborty gets groped by a stranger! - CineDen

Rhea Chakraborty gets groped by a stranger!

Rhea Chakraborty, who made her acting debut in Sumanth Ashwin's Tuneega Tuneega, got the shock of her life when she was groped by a stranger in broad daylight in Mumbai. A visibly shocked and upset Rhea took to her micro-blogging page to vent out her anger about the incident and said, "Mumbai is so unsafe, it's scary to another level..I am absolutely frustrated with the men in this country .. Here this out, it's ridiculous (sic)." Recalling the incident, she explained, "I just got groped by a very well dressed man who casually walks into my building in broad daylight,with 2 watchmen chilling in the building. Can a girl not walk in to her own building at 5 pm.. Where is the fucking guarantee of not getting molested (sic)."

In the end, she managed to rescue herself from more trouble with some timely action. "Luckily, I take martial arts classes and I managed to kick him real hard.. And screamed so he ran away.. But Mumbai is suffocatingly unsafe. Action needs to be taken , or are we waiting for 1000s more to get molested.. ?? Is anyone going to bother , elections are round the corner! (sic)," she said.
After acting in Tuneega Tuneega, she went on to make her Bollywood debut in Ashima Chibber's Mere Dad Ki Maruti and this year, she'll soon be seen in another Hindi film, Sonali Cable.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Kristina Akheeva to debut in Tollywood

Kristina Akheeva to debut in Tollywood - CineDen

Kristina Akheeva to debut in Tollywood

Kristina Akheeva,who was last seen in Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, in which she teamed up with Sunny Deol, is all set to make her debut in Tollywood in Aadi-Erica starrer Gaalipatam. "The strangest thing I have heard about myself is that I have done an item number in the NTR Jr-starrer Baadshah. It's not just people in the industry, but even some of my closest friends who've got confused," she laughs, adding, "Gaalipatam is my debut film in Telugu and I have just started shooting for it. I must add that I have grown fond of Hyderabad. It's a lot better in terms of cleanliness than most other cities."

Born and brought up in Russia, her family moved to Australia when she was seven years old and in 2008, she enrolled in an acting school in Melbourne; however, she dabbled in modelling before bagging acting offers. "Acting has been my dream; but I couldn't let go opportunities in modelling. It gave me a chance to travel around the world. And then, when I was in India on an assignment, I was approached for Yamla Pagla Deewana 2," she recalls.

The transition from modelling to acting, that too in Hindi, has been anything but smooth. "It's quite difficult to act in a foreign language, no matter how well trained you are.We struggle all the time because we are never quite sure about what we are doing and on top of that,we have to focus on getting the dialogues right. But then, the fact that I am able to do this is, in a way, an achievement for me." Talking about travelling, Kristina reveals, "It's been my passion for a long time. There's so much to see and do in India. In the past few years, I have visited a lot of ashrams since I am into meditation."

Gulaab Gang (2014) - Hindi Movie Review

Gulaab Gang (2014) - Hindi Movie Review - CineDen

Gulaab Gang (2014) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Madhuri Dixit as Rajjo
  • Juhi Chawla as Sumitra Devi
  • Tannishtha Chatterjee
  • Divya Jagdale
  • Priyanka Bose as Sandhya
  • Lata S. Singh as Tara
  • Vinitha Menon as Vinita
  • Rani Patel as Khushboo
  • Tanvi Rao
Directed by : Soumik Sen
Produced by : Anubhav Sinha, Abhinay Deo
Written by : Soumik Sen, Anubhav Sinha
Music by : Soumik Sen
Studio : Alumbra Entertainment
Distributed by : Sahara Movie Studios

Debutant director's Soumik Sen's 'Gulaab Gang' featuring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla is a women oriented movie based on the subject – Women's Empowerment. It is produced by film-director Anubhav Sinha and borrows real-life references of activist Sampat Pal. It is for the first time that Madhri Dixit-Nene and Juhi Chawla will be seen on-screen together.

'Gulaab Gang' begins with the voice-over of Actor Anil Kapoor who introduces us to Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit). Anil Kapoor narrates the struggle of Rajjo who grew up in Madhvpur Village and had to struggle a lot to gain education. It is portrayed that in that village it is crime for girls to think of studies.

Rajjo grows up and forms a sangathan – Gulaab Gang and heads it with lathi. The group comprises of lathi-weilding women in pink saris and runs the gang with the motto of fighting against social injustice. The gang focuses on tackling issues of dowry, rape and also issues related to food, electricity and water. The pink gang rescues Kajri from her violent husband and greedy mother-in-law which give us a glimpse of the role of the feminist group. But Rajjo has zero level tolerance and becomes violent as she fails resolving issues peacefully. Sen's pink gang also deals with electricity and water issues and blocks corrupt government officials which are based on true events.

Slowly the focus of the gang shifts to politics and election war where they come across politician Soumitra (Juhi Chawla). Difference lies only in their principles. Soumitra is an influential politico head referred as 'Madam' by everyone. So we can say that the second half is in fact a bitter battle between Madamji and Didiji. The rest of the movie is all about fight to victory among the two with varying outlook on social reforms.

Soumitra is a shrewd politician. She takes revenge on people who call her by her name instead of 'Madam'. She sends the policemen on leave when they don't bow in front of her. During her political speeches she talks about her late husband and mocks tears. While in the next scene she doesn't leaves in cursing the insurance company for not receiving her due amount.

'Gulaab Gang' has portrayed Juhi not in a bubbly avatar alike in 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak' but as villain. She is playing a mean evil political head and a role which carries negative shades. Madhuri is portrayed not as a 'dhak dhak' girl but as a leader of a girl gang who impresses all especially by her octane action scenes. Divya Jagdale (as Mahi) and Priyanka Bose (as Sandhya) play supporting role in this movie. Madhuri enjoys more screen presence compared to Juhi.

Director Soumik Sen's debut movie is based on the real-life of activist Sampat Pal. Editing, direction and screen-play have been highly taken care of. The two hours twenty minutes movie contains ideal composition of music by Soumik Sen. There is songs at every juncture of this serious movie which is a bit weird. Action scenes are finely directed.

Final Say: Soumik Sen has given impressive effort in his debut movie directing Chawla and Dixit in different avatars. Guys…Don't miss it!!

Queen (2014) - Hindi Movie Review

Queen (2014) - Hindi Movie Review - CineDen

Queen (2014) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Kangana Ranaut as Rani
  • Rajkummar Rao as Vijay
  • Lisa Haydon as Vijayalakshmi
  • Vinay Singh
  • Mish Boyko as Oleksander (Sikander)
  • Jeffrey Ho as Taka
  • Joseph Guitobh as Tim
  • Canadea Lopez Marco as Marcello
  • Alka Kaushal as Rani's mother
  • Tripta Lakhanpal as Rani`s grandmother
Directed by : Vikas Bahl
Produced by : Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane
Screenplay by : Parveez Shaikh, Chaitally Parmar, Vikas Bahl
Story by : Vikas Bahl
Music by : Amit Trivedi
Cinematography : Siddharth Diwan, Bobby Singh
Editing by : Abhijit Kokate, Anurag Kashyap
Studio : Phantom Films
Distributed by : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Kangana Ranaut starer Queen is about a timid Delhi girl, Rani who sets off on her honeymoon alone.

Directed by Vikas Bahl, Rani is a 24-year-old girl, belonging from a conservative family in Delhi. Everything is good until her wedding. When everyone is in the midst of preparations, they get the news of her fiancé deciding to call the wedding off. Totally shocked, broken and confused, Rani instead of crying decides to move on. This is when she decides to go on her honeymoon alone, to Paris. In this wonderful journey she rediscovers herself and grows as an individual. It shows how this conservative and traditional girls breaks free, cherishing every moment and living her freedom, just the way she wished for. Initially she gets scandalized seeing the culture there, but then begins to bond with the people. She drinks, lets her hair lose, dances and does everything, she missed doing.

The film is completely fun and it might remind you of Sridevi's English Vinglish. The story, music and dialogues everything is just right. Hats off to Vikas.

Performance wise, well, no one can judge Kangana better. Because she has her own style and acting perfect in place. Our words would mean less praises for her. Brilliant! Lisa Haydon and Rajkummar Rao too play good supporting cast.

A great pick to keep yourself entertained. And beside you wouldn't want to miss this Kangana starer film!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bewakoofiyaan (2014) - Hindi Movie Review

Bewakoofiyaan (2014) - Hindi Movie Review - CineDen

Bewakoofiyaan (2014) - Hindi Movie Review

Cast :
  • Ayushmann Khurrana as Mohit Chadhdha
  • Sonam Kapoor as Mayera Sehgal
  • Rishi Kapoor as V. K. Sehgal
Directed by : Nupur Asthana
Produced by : Aditya Chopra
Story by : Habib Faisal
Music by : Raghu Dixit, Hitesh Sonik
Cinematography : Neha Parti Matiyani
Editing by : Antara Lahiri
Studio : Yash Raj Films

Do not be fooled by the title of Bewakoofiyaan ("Stupidities"). There's nothing stupid about this movie. Director Nupur Asthana and writer Habib Faisal use a familiar romantic comedy formula to tell an unexpectedly thoughtful story about how economics affect romantic relationships and one's sense of self-worth.

Life is sweet for marketing executive Mohit (Ayushmann Khurrana). He's got a new job, a new car, and a beautiful, successful banker girlfriend, Mayera (Sonam Kapoor). Mohit's driving instructor/life coach warns that one never knows what problems lie down the road, but as long as Mohit has Mayera, everything will be okay.

Mohit's plans to marry Mayera hit a roadblock when he meets her stubborn father, V.K. Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor). After struggling to raise his daughter on the modest salary of a government bureaucrat, Sehgal believes that Mayera must marry a man with a lot more money than Mohit.

Just when Sehgal decides to give Mohit a probationary run as a candidate for future son-in-law, the real disaster strikes: Mohit loses his job. His pride keeps him from taking jobs he considers beneath his MBA status, and the financial stress of keeping up with their free-spending social circle wears on both Mohit and Mayera. All this while they hide Mohit's unemployment from Sehgal.

Asthana establishes the appropriate humorous tone for Bewakoofiyaan given the characters. These people are executives, so scenes are funny without devolving into clownish wackiness, reliant more upon sly facial expressions than slapstick.

The secret of Bewakoofiyaan‘s success is Faisal's story construction. The story never drags, and scenes don't outstay their welcome. Themes are stated early and recur throughout the story. Faisal really, really knows how to write a screenplay.

One of my favorite aspects of the screenplay is a B-story that puts Sehgal in a similar position to Mohit, even though he doesn't know it. Forced to retire at age sixty, Sehgal feels - like Mohit - that his skills that aren't being utilized. He secretly enlists Mohit to help him find a job, over Mayera's objections. Seghal's introduction to the wonders of email, Google, and video games is very amusing.

The two jobless men form a bond, but they don't suddenly become best pals. That wouldn't make sense. Seghal is still stubborn, and Mohit still hates the idea of begging Seghal for anything, even Mayera's hand. Yet their bond pays dividends for both by movie's end.

Khurrana and Rishi Kapoor both do a great job at making their flawed characters sympathetic from the beginning and showing slow but steady growth. Both characters - united in their love for Mayera - must come to terms with the fact that they can't provide for Mayera as well as she can for herself and decide what that means for them as men.

During an argument with Mohit, Mayera complains that she's had to curtail her shopping since he lost his job. It's a testament to Sonam Kapoor's talent that she's able to make this complaint sound reasonable rather than whiny. Mayera's no less affected by Mohit's job loss than he is, just in different way.

All this exploration of male ego and the side effects of job loss aside, Bewakoofiyaan is still a Yash Raj Films romantic comedy. There are exotic locations, a pair of flashy dance numbers, and an easily accessible story. It just deserves extra credit for being smarter than it needed to be.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Trisha heads to Spain for her Kannada film

Trisha heads to Spain for her Kannada film - CineDen

Trisha heads to Spain for her Kannada film

Trisha Krishnan is currently in Spain for the shooting of her upcoming Kannada film, which is a remake of Mahesh Babu starrer Dookudu. Puneeth Rajkumar is playing the lead role in the Kannada version whereas Trisha is reprising Samantha's role. The film is being directed by Madesh.

The film's principal shooting began in Bellary back in December, 2013 and the team is keen on wrapping up the film soon. Incidentally, Mahesh Babu's Dookudu was extensively shot in Istanbul and it looks like those portions will be canned in Spain in the Kannada version.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Ajith postpones his surgery

Ajith postpones his surgery - CineDen

Ajith postpones his surgery

We had earlier reported that Ajith was all set to undergo a surgery sometime by the end of 2013. The actor had sustained injuries on his leg while he was shooting for Arrambam, and had decided to postpone the surgery until he finishes Veeram. However, we have now learnt that he might not be getting himself operated upon for this whole year.

A source close to the actor says, "Ajith will commence work on his film with Gautham Menon soon, and wants to keep himself fit for the project. He has been hitting the gym and has kept himself occupied. Whenever the pain surfaces, he tries some self-healing method. He isn't too keen on a surgery, and is trying to keep himself agile by performing exercises under the guidance of a trainer."

Meanwhile, there was buzz that Anushka might not be teaming up with Ajith in his film with Gautham Menon. The source says, "That's untrue. Gautham and his team are planning to come out with an official announcement soon."

Veena Malik is now Mrs. Asad Khan Khattak

Veena Malik is now Mrs. Asad Khan Khattak - CineDen

Veena Malik is now Mrs. Asad Khan Khattak

Veena Malik finally married Asad Bashir Khan Khattak in closely guarded western ceremony with a few family friends. After the wedding ceremony was over, the bride and the groom came out for a photo op and posed for the photographers.

The wedding took place on one of the world's most luxurious cruise of USA- 'Spirit of Washington'. Both of them exchanged vows. Asad's elder brother Arshad Khattak was the best man and the host for the wedding.

The Malik-Khan wedding festivities started a few weeks before the marriage. It took place away from the media glare and without any of the couple's friends from the film industry.

After their quiet wedding, the couple intends to send sweets to people from the industry.

They have remained tight lipped about their post marriage plans, though Veena will take a sabbatical it seems.

Yami Gautam relates to 'Total Siyapaa' character

Yami Gautam relates to 'Total Siyapaa' character - CineDen

Yami Gautam relates to 'Total Siyapaa' character

Actress Yami Gautam says she can relate to her character in her forthcoming film "Total Siyapaa" because she has experienced the same situations in real life.

A cross-border love story, Yami is seen as Punjabi girl Asha who falls in love with a Pakistani, Aman, played Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar.

"I think in terms of situations and gravity of the problems, I am little closer to Asha," Yami said Sunday here while promoting her film.

She says there are days when you think "today everything will be perfect" as "I have planned everything. I will get the guy to meet my mom, will do this and that... will have everything under my control, but eventually everything happens just opposite."

"So, I have had these situations and I know how it feels at that time," added the actress who bowed in Bollywood with " Vicky Donor".

However, she feels unlike her, Asha is over-confident.

"Asha is a bit over-confident. You would have seen in the teaser that how cleverly she tells only half-truth to her mom that he is a Muslim. But she keeps the other part of the story hidden," Yami said.

Directed by E. Niwas and written by Neeraj Pandey, "Total Siyapaa" also features Kirron Kher and Anupam Kher. It is slated to release March 7.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Tabu, who got asphyxiated, is fine

Tabu, who got asphyxiated, is fine - CineDen

Tabu, who got asphyxiated, is fine

Tabu, who got asphyxiated while shooting for Haider in Kashmir, texted to say that she is fine.

The actress got breathless while warming herself in front of a bonfire at the location and had to be rushed to a hospital. She was apologetic that the shooting was disrupted for a day on account of her health. Being the professional she is, Tabu was on her feet the next morning.

Be your wife's best friend: Vidya Balan

Be your wifes best friend: Vidya Balan - CineDen

Be your wifes best friend: Vidya Balan

Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, who play Siddharth and Trisha in Shaadi Ke Side/Effects, have been playing agony uncle and aunt to real-life couples in a special column. Here's the duo again, offering quick-fix solutions to relationship problems.

I got married recently and I'm having a very stressful time. When I do what my wife says, she thinks that I have no brains and can't think for myself. And when I do something by myself, she again thinks that I have no brains and I should have listened to her instead! I am very confused! Help! Sid: Challenge your wife to a tough crossword game. But make sure you know the answers beforehand. Once you win, remind her of this game for the rest of your happily married life. Caution: Never ever ever ever let her find out that you cheated. Trisha: Every time she says, 'you have no brains', you tell her that she chose you for your brain, so it's her fault.

Once my husband forgot my mother's birthday and I got upset, so he got us gifts. Recently, I got him a gift without an occasion. He thinks that I have done something wrong and refuses to see reason. His suspicions are driving me mad. Wife in distress! Sid: Out with it now. What have you really done? Trisha: Take back the gift and let him keep wondering what wrong he has done... Hehe!

During my proposal to my girlfriend, I told her that I found my best friend, lover and partner for life in her. Now, when I want to hang with my male buddies, my wife insists on coming along — she says I only said that we are each other's best friends. Then she promises that she will come for a short time, but stays for the entire evening. She does this every single time! Sid: Just pray. There is no other way. Anything you say will put you in danger buddy. Trisha: Be her best friend and tell her the truth. She will appreciate it and if she doesn't, I didn't say this.

CCL is all about the spirit of the game : Shruti Haasan

CCL is all about the spirit of the game : Shruti Haasan - CineDen

CCL is all about the spirit of the game : Shruti Haasan

In the midst of all the excitement surrounding the nail-biting finishes in CCL 4, actress Shruti Haasan is thrilled about how the event has evolved over the past few years. In 2013, she was chosen as the brand ambassador of Chennai Rhinos and earlier this year, she was named as the brand ambassador of CCL.

Interestingly, she went on to act in a string of successful films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi in the past one year. "I'm from Chennai and I was more than happy to cheer for the Chennai Rhinos last year. I'm really fond of the Telugu and Hindi film industries as well. So, there's no question of being partial to any team. Besides, it is a lot convenient for me to cheer for everyone," shares Shruti.

"The best part of CCL," she says, "is that it has brought the film fraternities from different regions under one umbrella. As actors, our interactions with each other are quite limited. Be it award ceremonies or other such rare occasions, no other event gives us the scope as CCL does, to bond with each other. And I think that's a great thing." Shruti admits that she was quite fond of the game as a kid; however, she hasn't played the game in years.

Beyond all the fun and frolic associated with the tournament, Shruti reveals that it's heartening to see actors play their heart out. "It is all about the spirit of the game. Whether you are a star or not, we have seen how passionate everyone is about winning. It's not everyday that you get to see so many actors come together to play. For people too, it's a different experience, because they get to see their favourite actors in a completely different light," avers Shruti.

Despite her hectic shooting schedule over the last couple of months, during which she had been shuttling between Mumbai and Hyderabad, Shruti attended almost all the CCL matches. Ask her how she managed it and pat comes the reply, "You know, these days, all I know is when I have to eat, sleep and wake up. But I have a great team who tell me what to do."

The actor has just wrapped up shooting for her upcoming Telugu film, Race Gurram, for which she has also sung a peppy soundtrack. "I've been quite fortunate to have worked with several musicians including Ilayaraja, Harris Jayaraj among others. I love Thaman's rhythmic programming in his composition and it's so energetic. It's also the first time I've sung a song in the electronic music genre in Telugu," she reveals.

Meanwhile, she has been reportedly approached for Mani Ratnam's upcoming multi-starrer and another Tamil film with Vishal is on the cards. "It's too early to talk about my next set of projects," she signs off.

Watch CCL LIVE on Rishtey. The finals will take place in LB Stadium, Hyderabad on February 23, 5 pm.

Jackie Chan urges fans to avoid rhino horn products

Jackie Chan urges fans to avoid rhino horn products - CineDen

Jackie Chan urges fans to avoid rhino horn products

Jackie Chan recently stood up against the use of rhino horn products and has called for a boycott for the same.

The 'Rush Hour' actor, in a new public service announcement, asked his fans to boycott products made from rhino horns with an intention to stop their senseless slaughter, Contactmusic reported.

With an aim to oppose the homicide of rhinos for their horns, the 59-year-old martial artist filmed a video for organizers at the African Wildlife Foundation and WildAid.

Chan stated that everyone pays for guns, bullets, arrows, chainsaws, axes and machetes to hack off the face of the rhino, and shells out money for the life of a beautiful creature, asserting that one should avoid buying products made from rhino horn and when the buying stops, the killing can be stopped as well.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills - CineDen

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills - CineDenNani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills - CineDen

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills - CineDenNani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills - CineDen

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills - CineDen

Nani and Vaani Kapoor in Aaha Kalyanam (2014) Tamil and Telugu Movie Stills

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lily Cole buys a bookshop

Lily Cole buys a bookshop - CineDen

Lily Cole buys a bookshop

British model-turned-actress Lily Cole has bought a bookshop here to save it from closure.

Cole became involved with Claire de Rouen Books, which specialises in photography and fashion, after the death of its founder left it in jeopardy.

She bought the store with her friend Lucy Moore, who now runs the shop in the Soho area of the capital, and Cole is proud to be keeping the business alive.

"I part own a bookshop for some strange coincidence of reasons, and it is one of the best things I part own in my life, or own in my life," she told the London Evening Standardnewspaper.

"Every time I come, I walk by, I come upstairs and I look around and see what is new and open and find new treasures and discoveries, I feel so proud of it," she added.